Friday, 26 December 2014

The perfect gift.

Hello peeps, the celebration continues today. Its sales, sales and more sales and I am not going to miss out on the fun. ITS THE SEASON. However, I am going with a list and sticking with it, no use filling the house with unwanted items(that time don I KNOW BETTER NOW!

As promised, I finally got round to opening my family Christmas presents this morning. Many thanks to everybody that blessed me and mine with gifts. I APPRECIATE YOU ALL. Josh got all sorts of gifts but two particular gifts caught his  attention; a magnetic sketcher and story books from his teacher. These gifts appealed to his needs and interests.

THE STORY BOOK: My son loves books and enjoys being read to. Words can not fully describe his excitement when he saw the books. It was what he desired and his response was a testament to that.
THE MAGNETIC SKETCHER: His motor skills has improved so we've got the writing going on well. My little professor loves every opportunity to show off his tracing and writing skills. This gift will enable him have fun while he is also learning and enhancing his fine motor skills.

The gift are not much in financial value but the intrinsic values are inestimable. The benefits have more than aesthetic appeal and address the needs of my son. THAT MAKES THEM PERFECT.
THE SOURCE; These special presents came from his teacher who is very familiar with his likes and needs. He was able to buy the appropriate gifts armed with his knowledge of Joshua's needs. THAT IS WISDOM.  Wisdom is simply  the right application of knowledge and Mr O'Sullivan applied his knowledge in getting gift for his student.

Buying of gifts can be an herculean task most times. I dread gift shopping because getting presents for some people is like solving puzzles with missing pieces. people want to give gifts that will appeal to the reciever and will be used not dumped in a corner. Here is the problem. It's not easy identifying and attending to the needs of others. This is because needs differ for each person.  A lot of people still confuse their wants with needs. What one person might deem as a need might be an extravagant or frivolous want by another. For instance, a pair of designer shoes is not an immediate need for a homeless or hungry person. "Needs are fundamental for human survival while wants on the other hand as a human desire to get something additional after they have satisfied their recurring needs" .
I have learnt in dealing with people to attend to needs and not want-wants only come after needs  have been met. Don't get me wrong, wants are not bad but should come after  initial priorities have been met.
The story of the woman caught in adultery gets me every time. Jesus did not condemn her because her action was already self- condemning and her accusers reiterated the fact with their stones ready for the kill  . At the point Jesus met her, He did not come with stones but with the gift of FORGIVENESS. He met her need. WHAT A SAVIOUR.
The best person that can truly identify the needs of man is GOD.The rest of humanity can only guess. That is why at Christmas, He gave mankind the gift of Jesus. After the fall of man, he did not need gold or silver but REDEMPTION.
Many times we don't know what we need but God does. HE KNOWS AND HE WILL GIVE. "but my God shall supply all my needs according to His riches and glory by Christ Jesus" Phil 4:19.
  Since human needs differ, their are certain steps in identifying the needs of others.

  • Form and have a relationship.
  • Ask don't assume.
  • Observe.
  • respect individuality-don't generalise.
Now the gift of Christmas, IT IS MORE THAN PERFECT.

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