Thursday, 4 December 2014

Simple Obedience

Am I the only one that loves reading comments on articles or blogspots? Obviously not! I find the comment section interesting, educative, hilarious and downright crazy some times. Some comments are simply unbelievable! This morning I came across a particular comment that somewhat saddened me. A young lady left a comment on a YouTube video of a popular American preacher. She'd met the man in an elevator at a conference and requested that the man prayed for her as she'd had a near death experience.  Instead of personally praying for the lady, the pastor requested that she asked any graduating student at the even to pray for her. From her comment, she never did as the pastor requested but got upset and now holds a grudge.

 The above story sound familiar doesn't it? Reminds me of the encounter Naaman had with Elisha in 2 Kings 5. This reputable Syrian general had gone to meet the prophet of God to be cured off his sickness only to be given a seemingly silly instruction. Elisha did not even deem it fit to accord him a royal welcome as he'd expected. The Syrian general got upset, ready to return home without doing as Elisha instructed but thank God for his servants who encouraged him to do the prophets bidding.

CENTRAL TRUTH: God's instructions sometimes never makes sense. He is too Sovereign to be confined within man's reasoning "For my thought are not your thought nor your ways my ways, declares the Lord" Isaiah 55:8. In the case of Naaman, he was expecting Elisha to come out' wave a wand or utter some magical hocus pocus but the instruction was to simply dip himself seven times in water. As if that was not bad enough, he was told to wash himself in the Jordan river of all rivers! That almost made him blow a fuse. After all Syria boasted better and cleaner waters. However before God, it was not about the water or Naaman's expectations but a matter of simple obedience
Obedience  simply acknowledges the Lordship of God without questioning his ways. God is seeking men and women who are willing to obey his commands without demanding to know the How, where, when; a generation of people who will run at His commands. A wise man wrote that obedience is an expression of our love for God. "if you love me, you will keep my commands"John 14:15
one reason why a lot of people are not living in the abundance God promises His children can be found in disobedience. Many have "set" minds on how things should be done and how success can be achieved. Unfortunately it doesn't have to be your way "I am the Lord your God,who teaches you what is best for you, who directs you in the way that you should go" Isaiah 48:17. God has your good in mind. Imagine what would have happened if the widow at Zarephat had ignored Elijah's instruction. Her small provisions would have run out and her family would have died of starvation. However in a simple act of obedience to a weird instruction, her family was sustained through out the famine.
If only that lady that made the comment on the pastor's page had simply obeyed instead of being set in her way, she'd have saved herself the heartache and her testimony would have been different today. Since we are  brave enough to call God father, lets take the relationship higher in the area of obedience.
Make up your mind.Stop questioning God's method and start trusting HIM. He knows best.

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