Sunday, 22 September 2013

What God can do

It’s been a busy yet amazing couple of days. It all started when I received a call that I'd been allocated a council house. "Hello", the woman at the other end of the call repeated as I remained silent. I didn't believe my ears at least not till I held the keys to this fabulous looking brand new two bed house. It wasn't your typical council house in a decrepit estate but a lovely house in a new family friendly environment –the houses were barely four years old. Gently, I walked through the glass doors, tentatively opening the doors to the rooms and pinching myself to check If I was dreaming or not. The rooms were bare and the floors cold beneath my feet as I'd taken off my shoes to feel the floors. With mouth wide open, I opened this much appreciated gift in my hands. It had a walk in closet for my very many shoes and lots of other storage places. “HEAVEN DIVINE”, I yelled as I ran up the stairs like a little kid in a candy store. You see, I had applied for a council house about six years ago but barely imagined myself getting anything like what I'm seeing. What I was viewing was beyond my imagination. The lord had surpassed my imagination! It had to be Jesus I told myself as I rolled on the floor in awe of His majesty. Words could not describe how I felt but He that had given this beautiful gift understood perfectly where my praise was coming from. You see it’s easier for the proverbial camel to pass through the eyes of a needle" than it is to get a council house these days. A lot of people had to lobby public representatives most times to no avail. I'd never bothered going that route. I just don't know how to "lick asses"(no offence meant pls), so I'd allowed my application to simply be!. The last time I got a call from the council representative to update my details and I'd bothered to ask about the status of my application, I WAS TOLD THERE WERE TEN THOUSAND PEOPLE AHEAD OF ME. With that number, where would I start the lobbying from? Who would even lobby for insignificant little me, with no political or economical muscle whatsoever! So I handed the matter to the only muscle I could pull, JESUS. Can you now understand a bit of my PRAISE? God bypassed the ten thousand people to favour ME! He did not just give me any house but gave me a BRAND NEW HOUSE to do what I would with. Standing in front of me was a canvass of a house to decorate as I wished. This God is SIMPLY AMAZING. He is the HELPER of the helpless, FATHER of the fatherless and HOPE of the hopeless. He DEFENDS the defenceless and HE HAS BEEN MY DEFENCE. In the land of my sojourn the lord has PROSPERED ME. Since this year, I've opened a lot of presents from one who understood my fears and had spoken life back into my lifelessness (told you, I've plenty gist's for you, would unfold them in time). Let me tell you what this has God has done for me. like Obed edom in 2 Sam 6:12-19, a situation meant to bring me shame has inadvertently been my stepping stone to glory In less than three months I have been blessed with a new house and a new car without any assistance from any one. I neither borrowed nor begged-ALL HIS DOING. Aside from the material blessings, I'm blessed with a group of youths that I teach and a wonderful choir that I lead. Everyday this motley crew of young boys and girls bring delight to my heart. Did I mention that that there is LOVE IN THE AIR? Well that's gist for another day but its part of what MY GOD CAN DO. PS that's not my new place just me sneaking in a picture before ministers meeting.

Thursday, 12 September 2013


Decisions! Decisions!! Decisions!!! It’s never easy making decisions is it? If you are like me with a closet full of shoes with varied heel lengths, style and colours, making a decision on which of my prized collection will see the light of day becomes a make or break affair. Truth is, some shoes make the cut based on comfort, events, colour etc. but I have two or more favourites that I'd like to wear every day and everywhere if possible. However before reaching out to select the purrrrrfect shoes, I consider some of the afore mentioned criteria including checking if it matches my outfit, will I be walking or driving, high or low heels? With a myriad of options, it is important that I carefully make my decision. After all what is worth doing at all is worth doing well! Women and wahala! When did something as inane as what shoe to wear become a PHD project...lolol. We make decisions every day and every decision has its consequence-Good or bad. It’s like trying to cross at an intersection. It looks easy but also potentially dangerous. A cardinal rule of crossing at an intersection is to STOP; consider traffic on the road before making a move. It is also important to consider your destination before crossing. You don't get to an intersection and jump into the road. That would be silly and dangerous. Life is a journey and at one point we would get to an intersection and would have to make a decision to either cross or remain at one point. The Israelites found themselves at a crossroad during their sojourn into the wilderness. They'd left the familiar toils of Egypt but were now being pursued by their former captors. They needed to move on but their past was not ready to let them go. The future was not familiar and the familiar past was pain filled. Ahead stood the formidable red sea and behind a vengeful army. They panicked and cried! It is only human nature to panic in the wake of challenges isn't? In the wake of the unfamiliar they panicked! They never imagined with their little minds that there could be a way through the WATERS. They preferred to go back to a life of slavery instead of the bold choice of a life of freedom. Thank God they were not alone at this crucial point in their journey. The lord was with them. He parted the red sea before them clearing the road into their future. He also destroyed the Egyptian army thereby sealing the door to their past. The choice of who to marry is a major intersection in life. You are valuable and marriage is a LIFE LONG COMMITMENT, so don’t just make that leap without looking. Sheri Rose Shepherd shared the following advice on her blog. 1. Look at the fruits of what follows that person and ask yourself where they will be leading you. Keep in mind NOT all open doors are from God. 2. Take a hard look at your future and ask yourself if they would help you find your purpose or distract from what God has for you. 3. Ask yourself “would I be growing in Christ by walking out life with this person or project? Before you walk away from where you are for a new venture PRAY HARD. When the beginning excitement phase is over is this something or someone you would want to stay connected to when challenges arise? Ready to make that decision now? Look well before you take that leap!

Sunday, 8 September 2013

Barely enough is MORE THAN ENOUGH.

Love is a beautiful feeling isn't? Everyone desires to love and be loved in return. Beyond the mushy feeling and exchange of endearment, I have learnt love is a choice and decision. People don't just fall or trip head over heels in love, that's kids’ stuff. Real love is a conscious effort and decision by responsible adults to pour the best of each other into one another; to serve and be served. It is not a blind eyed decision or a tingling sensation running down one's spine. It's a conscious choice sustained by hard work and commitment. My good friend and special boo shared with me that love cannot be defined by itself but can be described by its attributes such as kindness, forgiveness, sharing, etc. Since every human is born with the innate desire to be loved, it’s a wonder why many people make very poor choices in love. This can be blamed on a warped societal concept, sexualisation and commercialization of love. For those who'd been hurt in love, climbing back on love's merry wagon becomes an arduous and painful task; you worry if your love will be reciprocated or even wonder if you have any more of yourself to give. I'm not an expert on love but I do understand God's kind love. This kind of love is about giving, not just anything but the best of you even when it’s inconvenient... "For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whosoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.” This kind of love is neither selfish nor blind. "But I've given away the best of me and only get hurt in the end", you say. Well, take a closer look, deep within you'll find there is still something to give. Don't believe me? Let me tell you a story about a lady who found herself in a very painful situation and was still expected to be generous with her next to nothing provision. Death had stolen from her and hunger now threatens to squash what was left. She had nothing left in the world except a hunger riddled son and a "handful of flour in a jar and a little oil in a jug" 1 king 17:12. This woman had a lot working against her. She was a widow-a dead broke widow at that-with a young mouth to feed. She had lost the one she calls darling; the man that plants tiny kisses on her nose every morning and made sure there were provisions for the long winter night. She'd lost her husband and best friend. Now she faces losing the one thing that's left of him to hunger. In the throes of her pain, waltzed in Elijah requesting to eat from what's barely enough for her family. HABA!!!! Elijah could have gone anywhere but God sent him to this particular woman who had "barely enough". I believe God wanted her to overcome her fear of giving, get her focus off her inadequacies and unto a generous God, that's why Elijah came knocking at her door. "Do not fear...make me a small cake from it first and bring it to me" I Kings 17:13. I perfectly understand the woman's reluctance and dilemma. The truth is for people who'd been hurt one too many times, the fear of being hurt again underlies their reluctance to be love or better still give love. But I love this widow’s bravery! She dared to pour the little she had into God's able hands and she experienced such an awesome infinite supply. She didn't hold back the little she had but poured into the right vessel-GOD’S VESSEL. I know what it means to be broken, hurt and emptied of joy but in giving to others in service, I've been replenished. So you think you have nothing to give or are you afraid to give yourself, take a cue from the widow at Zarepheth and you’ll realise that when “barely enough” is poured into God, it becomes “more than enough”.

Friday, 6 September 2013

He Never Left Afterall

Not me silly.....Jesus! I've been on hiatus for the past 5 months and that my friend is a very very long story. I promise to keep you updated on the adventures I've been through, the lessons I've learnt and how grown up I've become. Truth be said, I've been a bad friend but guess what I'm back and I'm going nowhere. Unlike my now humble self, Jesus never leaves His friends no matter the situation-NO EXCUSES! He sticks closer than glue. If there is a person that sticks closer than a brother according to Proverbs 18:24 that person dear friend is Jesus. When Jesus is on your case, HE IS ON YOUR CASE! Remember my last post titled HE CAME BACK? How Thomas thought he'd missed out on one of the greatest experiences in his life? I'm sure he would have loathed the other disciples for boasting about how the master broke through their fear riddled hearts and sealed doors to show his nail pierced hands cos I'm sure I would have hated them all especially that Peter lol! Thomas must have blamed himself for breaking rank and stepping out for a breather only to miss Jesus' appearance. Sound familiar? It does to me! I've lost count of the number of times a seemingly innocent action becomes an overblown misadventure that leaves one reeling, struggling to find balance and wondering if you'll ever get another chance in life or in love. Some actions or inactions or effects of poor choices might make you wonder if you'll ever smile again, achieve desired goals again or if you'll ever find your niche again? Guess what? YES YOU CAN! The other disciples thought Thomas had missed out on that great appearance even Thomas despite his outward show of bravado thought he'd missed out but he inwardly craved His master’s re-visitation just like you and I. John 20:26 states that “A week later his disciples were in the house again, and Thomas was with them". Thomas stayed in the locked room this time hoping Jesus would visit again. Every person that at one point has been broken wants to be whole again.
My friend, Jesus never disappoints as he actually came back into that hope filled room and attended to one person's inner cry for a re- visitation. I love Jesus's conversation with Thomas "Then he said to Thomas, “Put your finger here; see my hands. Reach out your hand and put it into my side. Stop doubting and believe". Imagine the surprise on Thomas's face because Christ wasn't there when he made that statement he thought. That's the shocker dear friend; Jesus is ALWAYS WITH YOU, watching out for you even in seemingly hopeless situations. He has promised never to leave nor forsake you and HE KEEPS HIS WORDS. Although he did not come immediately and poor Thomas must have whimpered like a child but HE SHOWED up as He always does and He will for you too. JUST STAY IN THAT ROOM.