Wednesday, 26 February 2014

A glimpse of Heaven

I had a glimpse into the love of God today. No! it had nothing to do with food though lunch was a delight-spaghetti and meatballs and yes, I cooked real picture displayed below. Ate mine before writing this post #hungerthings#) I was reading John 17 and trying to understand the kind of love God has for the world. its indescribable, inexplicable and inexhaustible(wow..who knew that someday my B.A in English would eventually pay Christ loves us the same way God loves him. The same love the father poured into the son, He also has poured into us. A love that is kind,generous, gentle, full of grace and above all keeps no record of sin. That is why Jesus was able to forgive those that crucified him instead of blinking his eyes and obliterating the whole lot of them sniggering Stephen understood this love too and what applause he got at his death."But Stephen was filled with the Holy Spirit. He looked toward heaven, where he saw our glorious God and Jesus standing at his right side. Then Stephen said, “I see heaven open and the Son of Man standing at the right side of God". Jesus stood to welcome this faithful servant. The world will never understand why a child of God would choose forgiveness and mercy over punishment to those that hurt them or choose to bless instead of curse. It is simply because we are in the world but not of the world. YEP! WE ARE ALIENS ALRIGHT..LOL. YOU ARE DIFFERENT IN A GOD KIND OF WAY. I almost OD'd on verse 13 "I am coming to you now, but I say this things while I am still in the world so that they may have THE FULL MEASURE OF MY JOY IN THEM". Someone please call 911!! since we have a full measure of the Joy of the lord in our heart then there is obviously no room for hatred, bitterness, unforgiveness, depression and a whole lot of negativity. Hallelujah!! I feel like giving the whole world a big hug. Now who's first in line

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Happy Marriage Anniversary IRON LADY

Love is beautiful isn't? It's not an inanimate feeling but an action that is visible and real to its recipients- you KNOW IT, you can FEEL IT and you can PRACTICALLY TOUCH IT. It is such a joy to love and be loved in return, that is why the world is constantly seeking love. Unfortunately many are looking in the wrong places. In the words of the Late Pastor Bimbo Odukoya of Fountain of Life church,Lagos Nigeria LOVE IS WORK and I dare to add "commitment to work". These days, most people want the trappings of love but are not ready to put in the work that makes love worth all the work. A lot of couples exert energy and huge finances on their weddings but bolt at the first sign of trouble in paradise-HOW SAD. Its no wonder the world is riddled with divorces and single parenting is an accepted life style statement(I don't mean for those who are accidental single mums and dads). The other day, I even came across a website that offers DIY divorce services...wetin man eye no dey see for this world. marriage vows now has an escape clause "for better for stay, for worse for go" (pls ignore my grammar that's how I heard the vows in a movie). So given the warped attitude towards the marriage covenant, I am always excited to see couples who stay married and IN LOVE. Its my darling friend Uwa's marriage anniversary today and I'm so excited. I've wanted to do a post on Uwa for a long time but never got round to it so this epoch celebration is a welcomed opportunity to do just that. The first day she walked into the newsroom at my former work place, I knew there was something different about her. She had on a bright red lipstick- her signature lip colour-and exuded confidence. Her red lipstick said a lot about her- strong,sexy, fearless, bold, shrewd and very smart. I privately call her IRON LADY because she's never afraid to voice her opinions or bare her claws if the situation warrants it. Yes! the iron lady could fight dirty if pushed to BEWARE!! However beneath the armour lies a very soft and loving heart. I caught a glimpse of this hidden part the day I found out she was married and that was the beginning of a never ending flow of "sweetness" lol. She unashamedly calls her husband SWEETNESS everywhere and at any given chance in fact I don't even know his name or even thinks he has a name It takes a woman that is confidently in love to boldly declare that love both in private and in public...I GO LOVE OH. It also takes a strong woman to nurture love without giving up. YOU MY FRIEND ARE VERY STRONG. That sweetness that started eight years ago is still exuding goodness today and will forever. Happy anniversary IRON LADY.

Monday, 24 February 2014

One more P.U.S.H

It had been a very long day and the last thing I wanted to do was read Josh his bedtime story or pray at that. All I wanted to do was crawl under my cosy bed covers and sleep the day's stress away. My church had celebrated its monthly praise night and I'd been in heels all day...the ladies know what I'm saying- beauty aint for the faint hearted! To crown it all, Josh was in his element-he just wouldn't go to bed and unfortunately I was only in the mood to play bad cop but he would have non of it and neither would I. Ignoring his tantrums, I dragged myself to bed without reading him his story which made matters worse. You see, routine is very important to autistic children and Joshua has his. we have a ritual of reading a bible story each night and he loves the bible characters and the adventure they had-the unfolding stories was an adventure for us too as I dramatise every action. But not tonight!! I was too tired to play or pray. Bed time prayers was a routine for me too especially these past few weeks but not tonight! I needed to sleep. Just before, I hit the snooze button, I got this gentle nudge not to break the cycle that I'd taken ages to form despite my tiredness. I must tell you, it wasn't an easy decision but I dragged myself to my son's room and read him his story. True to form, the story calmed him and he gradually drifted to sleep. That night I prayed albeit sleepily and got the answer to a knotty issue that had been troubling me...HALLELUJAH. Its so easy to give up when things are not working out as planned. You wonder why you should smile when all you want to do is cry. Truth is, IT IS HARD. However,imagine a pregnant woman who'd carried her unborn child for nine months giving up mid labour because of the pain..ludicrous isn't it? The midwives don't tell her to give up but encourage her to give it one more PUSH. She ignores the pain and pushes, anxious to see her baby. Jesus gives the perfect example for not giving up and we are encouraged to emulate him. Looking unto Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith, who for the joy that was set before Him endured the cross, despising the shame, and is set down at the right hand of the throne of God. Heb 12:2 Gradually one push leads to another and another eventually the baby comes out. Sometimes all it takes is one more PUSH. If you take a closer look at your circumstances you've invested too much to simply throw in the towel. God does not give up neither should you. Are you about to quit on that person, project or situation? Don't!! The answer might just be one push away. Pray Until Something Happens.

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Oops! I Did it Again!!!

There I was watching After Earth-the movie featuring Will and Jaden Smith-when I heard this ethereal voice saying "Gladysssss...go ye into the kitchen and make buns". Being the very spiritual person that I am, I didn't query the voice but humbly answered "how can I oh strange voice knowing I don't know how to make buns"? "Oh sure you can", the voice continued. "Just visit any of the Nigerian food Channel on the internet and you'll be hey ok". In true Gladys fashion (you should know that by now), I flounced into the kitchen and without much ado whipped out the baking ingredients (Yeah, I do buy baking stuff, its essential for keeping up appearances in the Making buns looked easy enough at least it does watching that lovely lady on All Nigerian Food Recipe channel. After 5 minutes in the kitchen, I made came to a life changing conclusion-I AM THE WORST COOK EVER!!! The dough was sticky and would rather be everywhere except the frying pan!! The ones I managed to fry looked like crap and tasted like shiiiite!!! My loving son who'd been dancing in anticipation of mum's grand bakescapade took a long look at the extraterrestrial looking buns and hopped out of the kitchen like a bunny!! After this evening's debacle, I promise never to complain about anyone's cooking-NEVER AGAIN. Much respect to every good cook out there;, So You Think You Can Cook (the lovely cook group on FaceBook), YouTube channels dedicated to food lovers and ofcourse the Chinese restaurant in my neighbourhood( I promise never to complain about your special fried rice I've decided to stick to my favourite hobby EATING! Seriously, baking is not for me!! Dear future husband, you better love me for me cos I aint getting to your heart via food. Guess my ample bosom and amiable disposition would do us just Now back to the movie and if that voice echoes again I'll pretend to be asleep.


I don't know much about "love love" but I've come to understand the LOVE OF GOD. In all, I've discovered that the God kind of love is POSSIBLE and it translates to "real love" in every area starting from yourself and streaming to the people around you. In my quest to understand more about this LOVE, I came across an article that challenged and broke some stubborn stray thoughts in my head. It's written by life Coach Kelechi Anyalachi. Kelechi's coaching strategies is underpinned by biblical principles and scriptures which makes it all the more distinct and trust worthy....even his courtship and marriage to the lovely Uloma is an Inspiration. This article so blessed and inspired me its going to be my marriage template(trust you are reading this Mr future husband..SERIOUS!) Read and be blessed. Over the past four days, there is a song that has been playing in my heart. Here it is: ‘…The Steadfast Love of The Lord never ceaseth, His Mercies never come to an end, They are new every morning, always new every morning, Great is thy faithfulness, O Lord (2ce)…’ These are my thoughts on the meaning of this song! The STEADFAST Love of The Lord – His love is deeply rooted, firm and unwavering. The Steadfast Love of The Lord NEVER CEASETH – No expiry date. His MERCIES never come to end – When we err, He forgives. Though, He has the power to punish us. His Mercies NEVER COME TO AN END - No matter how many times we err and despite the gravity of the wrong done, He always forgives. They are NEW every morning - His Love is FRESH everyday. Just like the past never existed. New EVERY MORNING – The hurt of the previous day dissolves and doesn’t see the light of a new day. Great is Thy FAITHFULNESS – He keeps to his word on loving us All over the world, we are all in a major quest: ‘to GIVE and RECEIVE Love’. From time to time, we either receive complains of not being loving enough or we complain of not being loved enough! Everyday, we read or hear stories of broken relationships, broken marriages et al… The reasons emanate from: ‘no more love again’, ‘incompatibility’, ‘infidelity’, ‘irreconcilable differences’… I have been asking myself – what if God’s Love for us was this way! Would we even be alive by now? We were made in God’s image and after his likeness. We should exhibit His kind of love towards our friends, family and spouses. The secret to this is: ‘THE MORE OF GOD IN YOU, THE MORE HIS LOVE WILL BE REVEALED IN AND THROUGH YOU! How can you have ‘more’ of God? It is through His Word. Study God’s Word more often! Soak yourself in it! As you do this, your life will become a replica of His Word (2 Corinthians 3:18). This may not be immediate, but this must be your goal! GROW YOUR ‘LOVEOMETER’ Be as loving as you can till your spouse can testify about you. As I write this, I am also talking to myself. It is my desire that one day, my wife will sing or recite the song above or something similar to that about me. Let her describe my love for her to be STEADFAST, UNENDING, NEW AND FAITHFUL. God has set a TEMPLATE for us. All we need to ‘copy and paste’. Our Love Lives will be the better for it! MEDITATE on this deeply. May God guide you and help you increase His Kind of Love in You!

Monday, 3 February 2014

All in a day's work.

The things we do and encounter all in a bid to earn a I came across this hilarious recording of a telephone conversation between a telecom operator's customer care agent and a client's wife. The poor agent was given an advice she didn't require and didn't lash back. I know some people would have given the client a proper tongue lashing and DAMN THE CONSEQUENCE but this lovely, well trained official took it in her stride with a dose humour. I won't spoil the surprise; you listen and enjoy. Patience is indeed a virtue and a much desired fruit of the spirit. Gal 5:22. Go On Laugh Daily (G.O.L.D)...LOL


My darling sister,aunty and friend recently lost her mother-in-law and shared this touching tribute on her facebook page. When a loved one passes on nothing can absolutely fill the void left behind except God. He knows what it means to lose a beloved one and so shares our grief. I lost my mum over thirteen years ago and IT STILL HURTS. My heart goes out to the Adenuga's. My head has been all over the place since Saturday 25th Jan. when we received the news of my mother-in-law's passing. My mind keeps flashing to the same Scenario in August 2013 at the wake-keeping of my beloved father-in-law: There you were mama, standing beside your husband's coffin with a blank look on your face. You stared at him laying there motionless for a very long time. Then, as if to say "so this is it!" you took a deep breath, exhaled, shook your head and walked slowly away with your head bowed. In that very moment, I would have given anything to know what was going through your mind. I could have asked you, and I know you would have told me. But I thought "No! It’s personal. It’s the last moment you were sharing with your husband who had now left without you, after over 60 years of bearing his name and his children. Now he was gone. What’s left to do? You had given so much for your children. Made sacrifices, put your life, your dreams, your hopes for tomorrow on hold, just so your children could be great people in life. But for your sacrifice, I would not have one of the world’s kind-hearted men to call my own. I am indeed a blessed beneficiary of your unconditional love for your family. Your gave me my Val! My Soul-Mate. Thank you mama. In spite of so many difficult situations that shaped your life, your never gave up. You scaled through every challenge, shattering as some were, to ensure your children have the life you never had. I thank you mama for the life-lessons you have left us with. I thank you for the man you raised for me to call my own and for the hope you never gave up. You have left us an original piece of yourself in Aunty Nike, to take up the role that will forever be hard to fill. But I know that you have raised a woman of substance in her, she will never let you down. Your dear children, Tunji, Deji, Nike, Odunayo and Wale all miss you like crazy. We, your adopted children can’t stop talking about all the wonderful memories you have left us with. Your grand and great-grand children cannot believe Mama Ago is gone! O Death! Where is thy sting? Grave! where thy victory? The clod may sleep in dust beneath, the spirit will be free! In all these, we give thanks to God our father, for bringing you our way. And now, your time has come to rest. Maami Iye Shade, omo ibipe aso, ibipe o lapeja o beran je gbeju. Omo isu wa nle ko si obe, obe kan soso to wa nile orubo. Omo tayantayan meje. Sun re ooo. Rest in perfect peace Mama Ago. Till we meet to part no more. Adieu!


I couldn't help pondering over the poem Humpty Dumpty this morning. You know the classic poem "Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall, Humpty Dumpty had a great fall, all the Kings horses and all the kings men couldn't put Humpty together again". How sad!! When I was taught this simple rhyme in primary school, there was no morale to be learnt. It was just a poem to be recited and enjoyed by little children nothing else. Today, the poem strikes a different and deeper cord in my heart. What was Humpty doing on the wall in the first place? How did he climb the wall? and to what purpose? Surely, he must have considered in that big head of his the dangers of climbing much more sitting on a wall!! Could it be that there was something in the horizon that he wanted to see and the wall could give him added advantage to see better? Unfortunately,something must have caught his attention or distracted him causing him to slip and fall. Maybe he even suddenly realised that "wow, I'm on a wall! what was I thinking? Hmmm! We may not know the answers to these questions but we do know he climbed the wall and fell much to his dismay and embarrassment. Someone must have been watching for the rescue team to come and try to gather the pieces together-someone must have called the kings emergency number. Did they warn him prior to his adventure or were they just casual by-standers waiting and watching to see the outcome of Humpty's folly. Humpty must be connected to the king to get royal attendants and attention. Have you ever found yourself in Humpty's position? you've climbed high to achieve a goal, taken a risk to better yourself in business, relationship only to come crashing down flat on your face? Well, I have and so has Peter. He saw Jesus walking on water and asked if he could join the "water-walking-elite", "Then Peter got down out of the boat, walked on the water and came toward Jesus.But when he saw the wind, he was afraid and, beginning to sink, cried out, “Lord, save me!” Matthew 14:22-33. Peter was doing well until he got distracted. He noticed the boisterous wind, panicked and started to sink. I'm sure he felt humiliated because the other disciples saw him falter after his brave starting point. Sometimes it is not the fall that hurts but the humiliation of falling. You wonder at the number of people that observe and maybe laughed at your mistakes. I felt like that too after getting pregnant. I WAS ASHAMED!! but still chose to have my baby no matter the consequence. I have got 2 points to share with you that will encourage your faith. 1. Those people that saw you fall most likely wish they were bold enough to attempt what you did. You may have fallen but posterity can never accuse you of never trying.2. When Peter cried out, Jesus reached out and RESCUED HIM. He ended up still walking on water this time with Jesus-THE KING holding his hands allaying his fears. Peter walked on water while the other disciples cowered in the comfort of the boat. Peter had an adventure while others were mere spectators. If you've been dealing with shame following a misadventure-DON'T BE. Its time to call out for help and its just A PRAYER AWAY. By the way, why didn't the kings horses and kings men call the King to fix Humpty when they couldn't? POOR HUMPTY.