Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Oops! I Did it Again!!!

There I was watching After Earth-the movie featuring Will and Jaden Smith-when I heard this ethereal voice saying "Gladysssss...go ye into the kitchen and make buns". Being the very spiritual person that I am, I didn't query the voice but humbly answered "how can I oh strange voice knowing I don't know how to make buns"? "Oh sure you can", the voice continued. "Just visit any of the Nigerian food Channel on the internet and you'll be hey ok". In true Gladys fashion (you should know that by now), I flounced into the kitchen and without much ado whipped out the baking ingredients (Yeah, I do buy baking stuff, its essential for keeping up appearances in the Making buns looked easy enough at least it does watching that lovely lady on All Nigerian Food Recipe channel. After 5 minutes in the kitchen, I made came to a life changing conclusion-I AM THE WORST COOK EVER!!! The dough was sticky and would rather be everywhere except the frying pan!! The ones I managed to fry looked like crap and tasted like shiiiite!!! My loving son who'd been dancing in anticipation of mum's grand bakescapade took a long look at the extraterrestrial looking buns and hopped out of the kitchen like a bunny!! After this evening's debacle, I promise never to complain about anyone's cooking-NEVER AGAIN. Much respect to every good cook out there;, So You Think You Can Cook (the lovely cook group on FaceBook), YouTube channels dedicated to food lovers and ofcourse the Chinese restaurant in my neighbourhood( I promise never to complain about your special fried rice I've decided to stick to my favourite hobby EATING! Seriously, baking is not for me!! Dear future husband, you better love me for me cos I aint getting to your heart via food. Guess my ample bosom and amiable disposition would do us just Now back to the movie and if that voice echoes again I'll pretend to be asleep.

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