Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Just because

I read an interesting article about a guy who who got a job after unknowingly helping an old man who turned out to be the General Manager of the company he was going for an interview at. You might say the old man had no choice but to employ the young man because of the good deed he'd done and you are absolutely right. With man its "rub my back and i'll rub your back but its not so with God.

The bible make us to know that even before the world was created God knew us and loved us. Before you and I burst into the scene screaming and causing mayhem God knew us. He'd always known about the drugs, abortion. backbiting, lies, hurts, unrequited love, the pain, the dysfunction etc. He'd known about the many times we would deliberately ignore His truths in mindless pursuits only to return broken like the prodigal son yet He is out waiting for us to come back JUST BECAUSE.....
1 John 4:19 says God first loved us!! There is nothing you and I have done or would ever do that will qualify us for His love if not for GRACE...Its nothing but grace-unmerited favour and inexplicable love.

If I were God I would have given up on me but God is not man neither are His ways and thoughts.

With man one good turn deserves another but God loves JUST BECAUSE. You don't have to slave away to earn His good pleasure but neither is His love licence to sin.
So stop trying to rationalise the hows and whys, simply accept that that God loves you JUST BECAUSE HE IS LOVE. And that settles it!!

Monday, 5 September 2016

Mind your pace

The other day while I was doing my usual morning walk a woman ran past me so fast you'd think it was Usain Bolt.

 For a split second I was tempted to run after her but quickly squelched that thought. I simply  adjusted and continued at my slow but constant pace.
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For some people, the mere fact that I and the person that ran past me are both women was enough reason to say I can run and should run too. Unfortunately, physical attributes and similarities are not enough to join a race that a person is neither built for nor called to.

Fact is, I am not a running person but I can walk up a storm. I'd rather walk than join a gym. my strength is in walking not running so it would be absolutely foolhardy to want to run for any reason.
Doing anything simply because other people are doing it is a simple recipe for disaster. Human beings are framed and wired differently. Our preferences, upbringing, experiences, education, culture,etc all contribute to making us who we are and affect our choices. This does not discountenance recognising opportunities and embracing them or pushing oneself to be better. The emphasis is knowing and embracing your strengths and acknowledging your weaknesses. 1 Peter 4:10 "as each as received a gifts". Our giftings are different but the purpose the same "use it to serve one another".
The woman ran while I walked but the purpose is the same-KEEP FIT
The woman ran while I walked-MOVEMENT
The woman ran while I walked-DIFFERENT LEVELS
The woman ran while I walked-DIFFERENT ABILITIES
The woman ran while I walked-for all I know she might be a professional athlete (but I don't know so why the unnecessary need for competition)
Everyone has issues but some are just more obvious than others. I have a bad knee but moving anyway though not at the same speed as my anonymous friend. My knees at this time are not able to carry my ample body to run. Even if I wanted to i'd be doing myself more damage. As for my exercise mate, I am also not privy to her "issues" so will be stupid to run at her pace or even try to.
Never mind what others are doing or how except to learn from them, MIND YOUR PACE
God in His infinite wisdom has framed us all uniquely and different and it will be foolishness to desire to be anything short of His best for us.
Know YOUR innate abilities, develop YOURSELF and MIND YOUR PACE

Friday, 2 September 2016

Keep the vision in view

The last thing I wanted to do this morning was exercise but I had given myself  a 30 day weight loss challenge and it was just day two!! Day two and I lacked motivation to move!! Then I remembered the reason for the weight loss journey in the first place and this got me off my lazy ****** and back on track.

Sheroes Award night, an annual event organised by the multi talented broadcaster Yemi Adenuga is coming up in October and I want to look my absolute best.
Sheroes 2016

The award night is to celebrate women who inspire,impact and influence in Ireland and beyond in different spheres. Last year was amazing and this year will be more so knowing Aunty Yemi as I do
Yemi Adenuga
I had the perfect dress and have the picture of how I want to look come October 2016 and that "picture" was all the fuel to get me going
Exercise mode
Weight loss experts tell people to have a vision of their anticipated end result for the weight loss journey to be successful. The picture of the end result serves as fuel when you lose motivation, the vision will help you back on track. For me its the silver/black dress in my wardrobe
Hebrews 12: 2 "Looking to Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith". The vision is ahead not behind. It is an onward and forward outlook. So look ahead. Every goal is a future driven event and your vision fuels your goals.
It also pays to write the whys and hows down. These will serve as reminders along the way.
Habakkuk 2:2 "write the vision down; make it plain on tablets, so he may run who reads it".
Don't just envisage the dream run with it!! Bring to life whats on paper! Don't just write it down, Give wings to your dream.
While trying to lose weight for Sheroes night, I am enjoying the daily walk, watching people as they go about their business and getting inspired along the way. These makes it all worth it. Aside your primary motive, as you give expression to your dream you will start to achieve even unidentified lesser goals. Remember its ok to start small and work it up from there. Just never lose sight of the vision. Now time to shed more flabs!
What I wore last year


  • Have a goal
  • Picture it
  • write it down
  • keep it in view
  • be committed
  • Focus
  • Determination
  • have a strategy
  • have a time frame
  • break it into small achievable bits
  • run with it
  • it wont always be convenient but it will be worth it

Thursday, 1 September 2016

Small Matters Too

I wish I had something flowery or even grandiose to write after my long hiatus but I dont. But I do have this to say "Happy New Month".
Photo by
Its not much but its something thoughtful, heartfelt and absolutely sincere
I was almost tempted not to post anything at all until I remembered a saying by the great people of Nigeria "at all, at all na im bad pass" which simply translates to "its better to do or give a little than none at all" and I totally agree.
Every little efforts adds up and tiny rain drops have the potential to become a torrential downpour.
You see that small idea that seems stupid, don't discredit its potential. Test the waters with a tiny dip of your feet and before you know it you will be walking on water.
Remember even the greatest idea started from the bottoms up. All it takes is commitment, resilience, a tad of bravery and you will see the potential you envisaged and amazed at the results. Ignore the negative voices and amplify the positives.
As you embrace this new month, embrace every challenge it throws at you. Never disdain the little, it might not mean much to you initially but it could mean the world to someone.
I hope this means something to you as it matters to me.

Friday, 29 January 2016

Weep not child!

This year I didn't put up a post on my birthday but I had the most amazing time with the people that I love doing the things I love....EATING! 
I'm the cute one in the middle
For the first time in a long time I AM INDEED HAPPY and my joy stems from the inside. I realised what an amazing life I am living and what a priviledge it is to be alive and watch the plot unfold revealing a wonderful story  with me being the lead actress and the holy spirit directing.

 I have a ministry that is touching lives one smile at a time ( yeah, comedy is a ministry you and i'm living purposefully. I have realised life is not about me but how I impact lives with the life I've been blessed with flaws and all.  Like Paul the scales have fallen off my eyes and NOW I SEE.

That evening while enjoying the sumptuous dinner, I desired just one thing, The Tardis. know the time machine in the BBC show Dr Who! 

My utmost desire was not the head of John the baptist, diamonds, husband or anything grandiose just a time machine!  Oh, if only I could lay my hands on a real time machine, I would go back in time and tell the younger me, that girl that was hurt, unappreciated, unloved, rejected, emotionally and physically abused, not to worry that every thing will be alright. 

I want to give that broken girl a tight hug probably squash her a little bit too hard, wipe her tears and not leave her until I see a twinkle in those lovely brown (I eyes. I would love to give her a much needed kick in the nether region too but that would only damage her some more. Like Jesus " a bruised reed he will not break and a smoldering wick He will not snuff out" Isaiah 42:3.
I will tell her the accident, disability, unwanted pregnancy, Joshua, Autism, every stone maliciously thrown at her, she used them to build a bridge of TESTIMONY and what a beautiful testimony it is. 

I will tell her she is stronger than she looks and tougher than she thinks. In fact her life experiences make up the bulk of her comic material.  I will tell her about Laugh out Loud,  a comedy platform she uses to reach out to people battling mental health issues  and can't also wait to regail her with the success of Fifty Shades of Beautiful which is the charity organisation she set up  to help people with special needs and disability. All these are fall out from her life experiences. See girl, In all we turn out well. Therefore weep not my child, it will make sense!

That evening, I invited the young ladies in my youth class alongside my dear friend and it was a laughter filled dinner. Through their eyes I saw the young girl I was full of laughter and  dream and in mine they saw what God can do through a broken yet yielded life.
I don't know the point you are right now while reading this post but I want you to know EVERYTHING WILL BE JUST FINE. A broken home, relationship, financial difficulties, job loss, disability are all "night" time experience. It will soon pass." Weeping may last for the night but rejoicing comes in the morning" Psalm 30:5.
As absurd as it might sound, there is a purpose to your pain. It might not make sense now but it will soon.  Your story matters and so do you. 

Now pictures with my girls.

Folake Chief Operations Officer

Thursday, 28 January 2016

Girl, Interrupted.

The DJ was playing a perfectly good song when the MC came on stage to make an announcement. The uproar that rended the air at her interruption, coupled with some cringe worthy expletives was enough to cause any other person to quake but not this lady. She simply apologised, did her job and left the stage without breaking a sweat and the party continued.
MC Shakara
Nobody loves to be interrupted especially when there is a seemless flow in action or conversation. Even the the best of us get cranky when our well laid out plan don't go as planned. Any interruption for whatever reason is most times perceived as a disruptive activity and not very much appreciated. But not so in every situation. For some it's an opportunity to catch a much needed break, get a breather, reappraise or realign a chain of thought or action. As a  journalist, I was trained to anticipate interruptions during a news broadcast either to break a lead story or interview an unexpected guest on live TV.  It was all part of the job.

 The journalist''s unwritten motto just like the boys scout  is "be prepared".
However despite a person's better judgement some interruptions toss us off our guards because of lack or inadequate prepations leaving one perplexed without a perfect rejoinder or follow up action.(ever seen that happen on live TV? ..absolutely hilarious!).That's like a surgeon losing his cool in an operating theatre.. .not cool mehn! A good response to any interruption boils down to anticipation and preparation.
Picture by Linda Auderer on Pinterest
Matthew 9 recounts a series of interconnected events and interjections and how Jesus responded.  Jesus was having a perfectly good dinner while fielding of questions,  teaching and evangelising  at the same time(talk of multi tasking) when a man came whose daughter had just died came in asking for help. With out much ado, He got up and went with the stricken father. Jesus was doing something important but was interrupted to do another. While on the way, he was interrupted by a woman with an issue of blood whom he also attended to before he continued on his way to the little girl that had died. Jesus did not lament these interruptions but took them in his stride because he had aticipated and prepared for them. In fact it was the reason why he came. In all Jesus never complained at every interruption. He knew there was a purpose to them. Interruptions to Jesus were never a waste of  time even the somewhat trap questions that he was asked by the religious leaders were glory moments for God.

I have experienced many of life's interruptions like we all do do but was totally tossed of my guard because of inadequate preparation and my reaction were not christlike either. . Infact my response ranged from anger, depression, bitterness and out rght tantrums! Life is not smooth sailing so its foolhardy to think otherwise. Anticipating interruption does not mean having a pessimistic oulook on life but a knowing and preparation for difficult moments in life without being fazed by it. The Bible likens such a person who prepares ahead as  as wise. "Be always on the watch and pray that you may be able to all that is about to happen" Luke 21:36.
Like me, has life interrupted your carefully laid out plans through an unexpected medical report, loss, divorce, upheaval etc. Dont be discouraged! As dire as the situation might be there is a purpose to it...the bible tells me so! Next time you face an unexpected situation, smile and you shall utimately see the glory of God.
So How do you prepare for interruptions?
  • Pray without season
  • Study and meditate on the word
  • Be alert 
  • Foolproof your day by seeking the guidance of the holy spirit
  • Confess the word.
  • Know your purpose and calling.
  • Remember your are on call 24/7
  • Never forget that is a purpose to every interruption 
  • Your response matters
  • Have a great attitude.
  • Count it all joy.
  • Think of the bigger picture.