Monday, 5 September 2016

Mind your pace

The other day while I was doing my usual morning walk a woman ran past me so fast you'd think it was Usain Bolt.

 For a split second I was tempted to run after her but quickly squelched that thought. I simply  adjusted and continued at my slow but constant pace.
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For some people, the mere fact that I and the person that ran past me are both women was enough reason to say I can run and should run too. Unfortunately, physical attributes and similarities are not enough to join a race that a person is neither built for nor called to.

Fact is, I am not a running person but I can walk up a storm. I'd rather walk than join a gym. my strength is in walking not running so it would be absolutely foolhardy to want to run for any reason.
Doing anything simply because other people are doing it is a simple recipe for disaster. Human beings are framed and wired differently. Our preferences, upbringing, experiences, education, culture,etc all contribute to making us who we are and affect our choices. This does not discountenance recognising opportunities and embracing them or pushing oneself to be better. The emphasis is knowing and embracing your strengths and acknowledging your weaknesses. 1 Peter 4:10 "as each as received a gifts". Our giftings are different but the purpose the same "use it to serve one another".
The woman ran while I walked but the purpose is the same-KEEP FIT
The woman ran while I walked-MOVEMENT
The woman ran while I walked-DIFFERENT LEVELS
The woman ran while I walked-DIFFERENT ABILITIES
The woman ran while I walked-for all I know she might be a professional athlete (but I don't know so why the unnecessary need for competition)
Everyone has issues but some are just more obvious than others. I have a bad knee but moving anyway though not at the same speed as my anonymous friend. My knees at this time are not able to carry my ample body to run. Even if I wanted to i'd be doing myself more damage. As for my exercise mate, I am also not privy to her "issues" so will be stupid to run at her pace or even try to.
Never mind what others are doing or how except to learn from them, MIND YOUR PACE
God in His infinite wisdom has framed us all uniquely and different and it will be foolishness to desire to be anything short of His best for us.
Know YOUR innate abilities, develop YOURSELF and MIND YOUR PACE

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