Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Start Now

Driving past  my favourite Chinese restaurant was the hardest thing I've ever done in a while. I was craving king prawn fried rice so bad that it took super human strength to drive straight on and not give into the urge to order some. The chef and I are not quarrelling rather I am on a strict diet to achieve my target weight goal. ..again.I decided to give weight loss another go three months  after falling short of my plan. I felt there's no use waiting till the new year to embark on another weight loss journey. There's no better time than now.

2015 is practically upon us! It seemed just like yesterday that the world ushered in 2014 with much pomp and celebrations. Its that time of the year when people start deliberating and planning for the new year. New year resolutions will be the focal topic of discussions for the next few weeks. Old habits will be dumped and new habits formed;new agendas  will be set for the coming year by all and sundry. The plan for the new year by everybody entails getting better and improving on every endeavour.

 I'm all for making new year resolutions but believe some things can't wait  till a new year to be started.
You don't have to wait till 2015 to develop a good attitude or forgive someone.
You don't need to wait till its a new year to get rid of bitterness and live in love.
You don't need to wait till the new year to start a bible reading plan or improving your prayer life. TODAY MAY BE ALL YOU'VE GOT.

 Bad  habits like gossip, over eating, procrastination, laziness, smoking e.t.c. need to be dealt with now not tomorrow  Imagine waiting till a future date to lend a helping hand .ITS JUST NOT GOOD ENOUGH. "do not say to your neighbour "come back tomorrow and i'll give it to you..when you have it with you" Proverbs 3:28. These aspects of our life don't have the luxury of time and neither do you.  You don't know if you've got hours or days so why wait? LIFE WAITS FOR NO ONE.

Some things can't wait till the first of January to get the green light in life.  Such things don't fall under  the calender or seasons of life. They deserve attention NOW.
If you don't like something in your life, don't put it off till tomorrow to change it, DO IT NOW. It does not matter if its mid-year, end of the year, or beginning, if its worth imbibing, embrace it!  How many times do we find ourselves putting off something only to realise we should have done it earlier? COUNTLESS!
. Don't put off till tomorrow what you can do now. The time to start is now. Don't delay.

Monday, 29 December 2014

The perfect christian

Potty training must be every parent worst nightmare! It is such an arduous task! I almost threw a party when my son got the hang of it. Unfortunately, Potty training is part of the process of maturation for every child. No matter how much a parent loves a child, its their desire that the child grows into maturation and not remain in diapers beyond the necessary age. So when they get it PERFECTO MOMENTO!!.
Photo Credit: jamie Prinzing via pinerest.
With the exception of Adam and Eve nobody was born fully grown with perfectly formed limbs. For the rest of the world, growth process starts at conception and continues after birth into maturity. Though every baby has the makings of an adult within them, there is the process of growing, stretching out and maturing of these inherent features, emotions, talents and traits unto perfection. Every parent looks towards the maturation of their children. That point when everything about them fits into the perfect mould in physical development, character, marriage, finances,health etc. The Christian life likewise is a journey and process of maturation with  perfection as its end goal.

Perfection simply means flawless, without fault or defects. Perfection is what every Christian strives for. That point when you are better not bitter, peaceful not angry, faithful not faithless, obedient not disobedient. PERFECT! So who is the perfect Christian if there is such a person.
Several facts points towards who can be described as a perfect Christian.

  • Perfection is a goal:Not as though I had already attained,either were already achieved; but I follow up, if that i may apprehend that which also I am apprehended of Christ Jesus. Phil 3:12-15.
  • Perfection is a daily process : "Work out your own salvation with fear and trembling" Phil 2:12. It is in the working out that we are perfected.
  • Requires conscious effort and determination.""let us cleanse ourselves from all filthiness of the flesh and spirit, perfecting holiness in the fear of God.2 Cor 7:1
  • It is a progressive journey: "The path of the righteous is like the morning sun shinning ever brighter till the full of day" Proverbs 4:18. Its a gradual build up and not a sudden burst as we most times expect.

  • Perfection is in Christ: "Whosoever is born of God sinneth not" 1 John 5:18.
  • It is a process of refining:. "I have refined you but not as silver, I have refined you in the furnace of suffering" proverbs 4:18.
  • It is not a mail order process. Its painful but worth it. 
  •  The perfect Christian is not a flawless person but one who has despite inherent flaws surmounted challenges and positively impacts others.  
  • One  who constantly overcomes challenges and grows in the midst of it all. He/she stumbles and falls yet rises again. "for though the righteous fall seven times, they rise again" Proverbs 26:16. 
  • They are prone to mistakes but learn from their errors and move on. This "ideal" Christian knows dwelling on mistakes results in stagnancy rather views errors as learning experiences, stepping stones to promotions;SET UP FOR GLORY. 
  • This person thrives in the midst of troubles. The perfect Christian sees challenges as stretching places for faith, patience and fruits of the Holy Spirit to grow "let perseverance finish its work so that you may mature and complete not lacking anything" James 1:4
It is the heartfelt desire of every believer to overcome foibles like anger, fornication, lies, depression and every other sins that impede our progress. Without the help of the Holy Spirit its all self effort that'll only end in disappointment.

 Armed with this truth, Jesus is the ultimate expression of perfection.. Every other person is a work in progress. We all make mistakes even the best of us but get up, learn from it and continue in the race.

Saturday, 27 December 2014

Every Little Helps

€100 might not mean a lot to many people but it was exactly what *Kathy* needed to sort her daughter's music lessons. Unemployed and single, getting by financially was hard enough without adding the extra burden of music lessons but her daughter loved singing. Little *Tabitha* needed a new guitar as her old one was broken but there was no way her mum could afford a new one at the moment. Not being able to provide for a child is any parent's dilemma and Kathy was no different.
But she turned her concerns to the one who can.

That morning Kathy had come to church broke without even the requisite money for offering. Imagine her surprise when an usher gave her an envelop with her name on it. An anonymous person had dropped the envelop in the offering basket with a note for her. It was specifically addressed as a contribution towards her daughter's new guitar. I CALL THAT A MIRACLE! Even as I write this article, Kathy does not know who gave her the gift.

We all need a miracle don't we?  A confirmation that God's got our back when the bills are pouring in or the medical report aint that encouraging. What's your trust gauge in the wake of challenges? Like Kathy do you trust God and expect a miracle or do you throw in the towel and panic.
CENTRAL TRUTH: God is still in the business of doing the supernatural. HE HAS NOT CHANGED. If He has to cause manna to rain from heaven for your sake He will. Don't worry about the method of provision TRUST THE PROVIDER.

God can do anything all by Himself but He wants you and I as part of the process. God wants to involve you in performing miracles in the lives of others. WHAT A PRIVILEGE. Remember the story of how Jesus turned water into wine in John 2:1-11? The servants had to fill jars with water-fetching water and filling the jars was their role in that miracle process. I'm sure after the miracle happened they made a boast about how they logged jars after jars of water for Jesus. I WOULD!

God desires that we become conduit of His blessings-no more hanging on the sidelines. The €100 did not solve all of my friend's financial issues but it was one less problem for her to fuss about. It was a €100 she did not have earlier that day. IT WAS UNEXPECTED YET APPRECIATED. That's the benefit of helping others. Your gift no matter how little will help assuage the other person's challenges.You may not be able to single handedly end world poverty or eradicate hunger but you can make a difference in one life.

 There is something beautiful about helping others. ITS INDESCRIBABLE. You have to experience it to know it. According to my people "at all, at all, na im bad pass". This simply means, not giving anything is worse than giving a little.
Be part of the change. Be a conduit of God's miracle. Be part of the process.  Don't go worrying about what  little help you can give  because that little might just be all the help a person needs. Remember, EVERY LITTLE HELPS even if its a smile or a hug.

Friday, 26 December 2014

The perfect gift.

Hello peeps, the celebration continues today. Its sales, sales and more sales and I am not going to miss out on the fun. ITS THE SEASON. However, I am going with a list and sticking with it, no use filling the house with unwanted items(that time don I KNOW BETTER NOW!

As promised, I finally got round to opening my family Christmas presents this morning. Many thanks to everybody that blessed me and mine with gifts. I APPRECIATE YOU ALL. Josh got all sorts of gifts but two particular gifts caught his  attention; a magnetic sketcher and story books from his teacher. These gifts appealed to his needs and interests.

THE STORY BOOK: My son loves books and enjoys being read to. Words can not fully describe his excitement when he saw the books. It was what he desired and his response was a testament to that.
THE MAGNETIC SKETCHER: His motor skills has improved so we've got the writing going on well. My little professor loves every opportunity to show off his tracing and writing skills. This gift will enable him have fun while he is also learning and enhancing his fine motor skills.

The gift are not much in financial value but the intrinsic values are inestimable. The benefits have more than aesthetic appeal and address the needs of my son. THAT MAKES THEM PERFECT.
THE SOURCE; These special presents came from his teacher who is very familiar with his likes and needs. He was able to buy the appropriate gifts armed with his knowledge of Joshua's needs. THAT IS WISDOM.  Wisdom is simply  the right application of knowledge and Mr O'Sullivan applied his knowledge in getting gift for his student.

Buying of gifts can be an herculean task most times. I dread gift shopping because getting presents for some people is like solving puzzles with missing pieces. people want to give gifts that will appeal to the reciever and will be used not dumped in a corner. Here is the problem. It's not easy identifying and attending to the needs of others. This is because needs differ for each person.  A lot of people still confuse their wants with needs. What one person might deem as a need might be an extravagant or frivolous want by another. For instance, a pair of designer shoes is not an immediate need for a homeless or hungry person. "Needs are fundamental for human survival while wants on the other hand as a human desire to get something additional after they have satisfied their recurring needs" .
I have learnt in dealing with people to attend to needs and not want-wants only come after needs  have been met. Don't get me wrong, wants are not bad but should come after  initial priorities have been met.
The story of the woman caught in adultery gets me every time. Jesus did not condemn her because her action was already self- condemning and her accusers reiterated the fact with their stones ready for the kill  . At the point Jesus met her, He did not come with stones but with the gift of FORGIVENESS. He met her need. WHAT A SAVIOUR.
The best person that can truly identify the needs of man is GOD.The rest of humanity can only guess. That is why at Christmas, He gave mankind the gift of Jesus. After the fall of man, he did not need gold or silver but REDEMPTION.
Many times we don't know what we need but God does. HE KNOWS AND HE WILL GIVE. "but my God shall supply all my needs according to His riches and glory by Christ Jesus" Phil 4:19.
  Since human needs differ, their are certain steps in identifying the needs of others.

  • Form and have a relationship.
  • Ask don't assume.
  • Observe.
  • respect individuality-don't generalise.
Now the gift of Christmas, IT IS MORE THAN PERFECT.

Swaddling cloths and baby Jesus

Cant believe I slept the evening away! Its been a very long week and a longer day too.  I have not even gotten round to opening the beautifully wrapped presents under my Christmas tree. As much as I am excited and looking forward to doing that right before crawling back into the bed, I am not in too much of a hurry.
In all the excitement and build up to Christmas day, you'd think I'd jump headlong into opening the presents first thing in the morning but no! I have saved that chore till the very end.

 But  there is a gift I eagerly opened this morning and its the gift of Christmas itself.  God's gift to mankind did not come wrapped in a fancy package with intricately tied ribbons or tucked beneath a tree but was lovingly wrapped in swaddling cloths and laid in a manger amongst animals. HOW IRONIC! Christmas is synonymous with beautifully decorated Christmas trees and lovingly wrapped gifts carefully placed under the trees. But  there was nothing beautiful or appealing about where  the greatest gift to mankind was found. 
The saviour of the world was found in the least likely place-AN ANIMAL SHELTER. He was not wrapped in fancy clothes but covered in swaddling cloths. The wise men in their quest for the saviour had gone searching in the palace which is where kings are born but not this one! HE WAS BORN IN A MANGER. "while they were there, the time came for the baby to be born,and she gave birth to her first born, a son. She wrapped him in cloths and placed him in a manger  because there was no guest room available for them. Luke 2:6-7
One of the striking lessons about Christmas is that the most beautiful gifts in life don't come beautifully packaged or found in choice places . Some come in rough packages in dark places  and it takes patience, discernment, efforts and faith to reveal the precious inner content. Beautiful diamond necklaces that are favoured by the rich were once ugly rocks found in the depth of the earth until mined.  It takes polishing and refining of these "ugly rocks" by a determined jeweller  before the intrinsic value is seen and appreciated by all.
Photo Credit;

Some of the best relationships I have experienced were wrapped in swaddling cloths and found in the manger. Men and women who have impacted my life tremendously simply because I allowed myself to look beyond their packaging. Terrible experiences have also turned out to be blessings in disguise. In all, I've found that the stories that really inspire are those that involve successful business or married couple who saw beyond the ordinary to achieve extraordinary feats. People who don't see ugly rocks but diamonds. People who see beauty in the beast.

Dear friend, your God given vision may be found in the least likely place and wrapped in the most unattractive packaging but that does not deter from its value. don't throw away a great opportunity because it didn't come as you envisaged. 
Disappointments will come but they are set up for glory.Early  this year, I learnt that suit and tie don't make a real man. It hurt at the time but I'm better off without false friends. Ugly and painful situations are only fabrics for great testimonies. BE PATIENT AND TRUST  GOD EVEN IN YOUR PAIN.
Finally,Are you one of those that judge a book by its cover? Do you look beyond  the wrappings of the opportunities? How many people have you cast aside simply because they didn't come in the package you expected only to realise you made a mistake? How do you view challenges?Successful people will tell you that their best business ventures did not come perfectly wrapped but they recognise the hidden potentials despite the obvious challenges. THEY SAW BEYOND THE PACKAGING 
Thankfully the wise men saw beyond the wrappings on the little boy and recognised the king that Jesus is.


Thursday, 25 December 2014

Sharing Christmas with Jonathan

"if anyone has material possessions and sees a brother and sister in need but has no pity on them, how can the love of God be in that person? 1 John 3:17"

Its true that nobody can single handedly solve all the world problems, end poverty or eradicate hunger but one kind gesture can help make a difference in the life of another in need. Its also ironic that even in developed countries poverty and homelessness are still rife.  Weeks ago, Jonathan Corrie a homeless man died just yards away from Dail Eireann, the Irish Parliament further highlighting the growing housing issues in Dublin.
Jonathan Corrie.
Jonathan was one of the many people in dire need of help that never came. Whether you like it or not, we all have a Jonathan around us. He is the homeless man in the street corner begging for a meal. Many times we walk past people like Jonathan, destitute and hungry in our society. Many times we turn a blind eye and heart to the growing number of hungry people in our society. Jonathan could be closer than you think. It could be a neighbour in dire need of help or a faceless stranger on the streets but a Jonathan nonetheless.
I decided to share the festive cheer with five nameless strangers, mostly homeless people; beggars on the street. My bags did not hold much but its five less people frowning at Christmas. Its sharing Christmas with Five Jonathans.

 One particular person kept repeating wao! wao! that he wasn't expecting such kindness and that made the effort of walking in the cold searching for the perfect gift worth it.
My gifts were not much but it was something and I felt good sharing. So in the spirit of the season and even beyond look for the Jonathans in your area and make Christmas count. If you don't know a person in need make your donations to any Charity Organisation, there are many in need of funding especially at Christmas. Remember, you don't really need much to make a difference as "every little helps"
P.S..Special thanks to my darling brother, friend and little boo for assisting me in the Random Act of Kindness. You rock even in  God bless you.
Victor Famose.

Letter to my Joshy

Appreciating my son at Christmas. He is much stronger than I give him credit for. How else does he manage to live with the Queen of Loko herself?
Dear Joshy boo,
I've made a lot of crazy decisions in my life and followed with a lot of crazy actions but having you tops it all.  Its been eight roller coaster years since you came into my life but it's an adventure I've come to enjoy with the highs and lows. I know its not your birthday but your smile makes me want to celebrate every day. Who knew it'll take a lil boy to turn this ogre into mush.

For many reasons this is the best Christmas ever and its because you are in it. We don't have much but we have each other and that makes other things trivial in comparison. YOU ARE ALL THAT MATTERS.

I feel like everything in my life was a build up to you; my choices, decisions, heartbreaks, regrets, rejections and applause. EVERYTHING.  You are the crescendo of all my achievements. NOTHING COMPARES WITH YOU. Every time, I see you the rejection, my past, pain and choices are all worth it. If I had done one thing differently, I would never have had the joy that you are my son. YOU ARE WORTH EVERYTHING. Thank God I chose you and I'll do it all over again maybe not via

Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Facts About Giving.

This year has been truly magical for me (its not over yet still expecting more miracles and breakthroughs..abi nah). I have experienced the love of God in more ways than I can count or explain even in the disappointments. I am naturally a very content person hardly expecting much from people but always eager to help out. I LOVE TO GIVE. Like I tell my friends GIVING MAKES ME In the build up to Christmas  I have received gifts from unexpected places and people. I have also given when it seemed impossible to give. ITS WHO I AM. Giving is such a beautiful act. Every time people give, I am reminded about the generosity of God and the ultimate gift of Jesus. Lets examine certain truths about giving in no particular order.
  •  When God gives, He not only attends to the things you need, He also provides those things that you never knew you needed and probably never prayed about. That's why HE IS GOD.
He knows you more than you know yourself. GOD HAS INTIMATE KNOWLEDGE OF YOU.
  • God uses people-you are created as a conduit of blessing. Everyman is a channel for reaching out to the world.  The blessings, talents, gifts that you have are not meant for selfish purposes but as an outreach to a world in need.
  • Little is something- I love supermarket chain Tesco's tag-line "every little helps". Every cent can go a long way to alleviate the need of another. What you consider little or insignificant might just be the right amount of assistance a family in need requires to survive another day.
    photo Credit;
  • If you cannot give from the "little" you've got there's a small chance that you'll give when you've got "much". however since "much" is a relative concept wonder when that is? If you cant give from the thousands in your piggy bank, you definitely wont give when when you have millions. The true hallmark of giving is the ability to give even when you barely have "enough". Mark 12:41-44. When God gave mankind the gift of Jesus he did not have a spare son to replace the one He'd given up/out.
  • Giving does not stem from what you have or don't but from an understanding and trust in God's ability to take care of you. Phil 4:19
  • It is an act of love. John 3:16
  • its more blessed to give than to receive. Acts 20:35
  • Giving should be done joyfully and not grudgingly. Corinthians 9:17.
  • Its an act of worship.
  • Expect a reward. What is a better reward than knowing you've made a difference in the life of another. Nonetheless when God gave the gift of one, he received the multiple result of you and I alongside a lost world.
  • Giving can be learnt.
  • Giving should be an increasing or progressive act/attitude
  • it does not entail money alone.
  • Giving is intentional
  • You don't really need a reason to give, JUST GIVE. 
Don't let this season pass without sharing with another person. Remember "EVERY LITTLE HELPS"

Monday, 22 December 2014

Make every moment count.

Finally my uncle has been laid to rest weeks after he passed on  after a fatal accident at work. As the days roll into another, my dear aunt is gradually coming to terms with the reality of living life without her partner of over thirty five years.
Reality is,no matter how hard you try to cushion the loss of a person especially one who dies suddenly and in such traumatic circumstances- IT HURTS. Though we have the assurance that "daddy" as he is fondly called has gone to be with the lord, we all miss his gentle smile and kind demeanour. He was an amazing husband, father and uncle. It hurts that we never got to say goodbye. 

Death is a reality of life and I am once again reminded of the brevity of life. One day a person is alive and thriving and the next moment like a sudden burst of wind, the person is gone leaving a void that only God can fill.

 Just this evening a refuse truck lost control and ran into a building killing 6 people in Glasgow. These people were probably going about their businesses with no inclination that death was literally round the corner. In the twinkle of an eye wives have become widows, husbands-widowers and children orphan, fatherless or motherless.
Photo Credit:Jill Greenberg

Since death is a reality of life, why do people waste time on trivial pursuits, bitterness, unforgiveness and regrets?  The simplest answer is that most people think they've got tomorrow to make amends or live right but nobody promised you tomorrow. "you do not even know what will happen are a mist that appears for a little while and then vanishes" James 4:14. MAKE THE BEST OF TODAY.  For the wise, life is too short to be miserable, sad, unforgiving and uncharitable! MAKE EVERY MOMENT COUNT. Make room for only things and people that matter. Make good memories with those you love while you can.

Saturday, 20 December 2014

Tend your Garden

My neighbour has a very beautiful garden. He somehow finds time to tend his little garden despite his busy schedule. For the love of me, I think he uses magic! I've got this gut feeling he is a Whatever the season, his garden is always looking plush and radiant with colours. My garden on the other hand is like a little wild land filled with weeds.

 Mind you I am clueless about gardening but I do love the idea of having a garden that will be the envy of my neighbours. I'm sure the people that built the house and included a garden did not intend it to be a mini Amazon forest but a haven filled with lovely flowers and plants to enhance the features of the house and give some pleasure to the owners. Right now the garden is anything but!  So I have decided to enlist the services of a professional to help bring life back to my little garden.

To give more meaning to this post, I decided to check what it means to tend.Tend according to the on-line dictionary means to apply oneself to  a task, give attention to, care for or look after.
Do you have a garden and what state is it in? In this instance, a garden is a metaphor for a dream, vision, family, health, finances, relationships, anything at all that is of significant value in your life.
God has put in every life a garden that He designed ultimately to display His splendour.
"they will be called oak of righteousness, a planting of the Lord, for the display of His splendour" Isaiah 61:3.
 There is nothing beautiful about a life gone awry and without structure. An untended garden has the tendency to attract wild creatures so does a life not fulfilling its original purpose. In fact its a sorry sight!
Like a garden, every life designed by God has inherent potentials for infinite possibilities if only we would guard and nurture what the lord has entrusted to us. Stop leaving your life to chance! Stop neglecting the things that are of utmost  important to you. Stop taking your health, family, finances, relationships for granted. Just stop because some of these people are irreplaceable.! Don't wait till it goes down hill before getting a grip.
I know what it is to lose grip on reality so this topic resonates deeply with me but THANK GOD FOR SECOND CHANCES!

Every successful business or relationship is a product of conscious positive decisions. The people you see and admire did not leave things to chance but nurtured and tended their purpose, visions and that includes everything that is of significant value to them. YOU HAVE A RESPONSIBILITY. What you carry is too beautiful/important to leave to chance and wild creatures to peck on. GET A GRIP.
Admittedly certain situations happen to us that cause us to lose focus but its time to get back in the grid and allow yourself to smile again. THE WORLD IS WAITING!

In gardening, certain activities are carried out to ensure a very aesthetic outlook and these rules are applicable to life.
DE-WEED-weeds are undesirable plants that have the tendency to choke out more desirable plants. In order to have a "beautiful" life vigorously uproot emotions, relationships and attitude that would bar you from making your desired impact.
NURTURE- This means care and feed what has been given to you and this includes your family, health, business, finances. Every farmer knows to nurture their plants and flowers so the garden does not grow wild  Don't let wild creatures devour what you are blessed with and don't you mess it up either. What you have in your hand is delicate.

PROTECT- Set barriers around your vision. Guard it jealously. Mind your influencers.
PLAN AND STRUCTURE: Not all gardens are shaped the same way. My garden is oval in shape while my neighbour's is square but enough to plant flowers and plants. What you have might seem small but it is right for you. Work with what you have.

SEEK HELP: Its OK to ask for help if you don't know what to do. There are people out there who have overcome the challenges you are facing, seek them out. You only have one life, pride won't help you in this matter. I know what it means to ask for help and its beneficial in the long run. No use groping in the dark when help is only a phone call away.

Other factors include patience and commitment(would expand later. dashing for a meeting)
My prayer is that as the year draws to an end, you will receive grace to attend to the things that truly matter so your life will display the splendour of God. DON'T LEAVE YOUR LIFE TO CHANCE. TAKE CHARGE.

Thursday, 18 December 2014

Take the lid off

Running around doing my daily chores was harder then usual, no thanks to my figure- enhancing Whoever invented body shapers should be commended then arrested! These constrictors are the real definition of "suffering and smiling". The longer I wore it, the more difficult smiling becomes and its hello cranky!

 At the end of the day, taking the form fitting outfit off is the best feeling ever. Its an indescribable feeling of freedom. A release from constraints and pressure. Just like boiling water with the lid on- imagine the release when the water reaches boiling temperature and the lead is removed. Steam is released and pressure reduced. In my girdle I was a walking bag of pressure albeit a pretty one.
Without even wearing girdles, a lot of people are living  constrained lives.These constraints could be external or internal  They are afraid to truly live because of  fear, lack, rejections, low self esteem and failure. . Any situation or position that prevents you from realising your potentials is a constraint and limitation. Negative feelings also serve to constrain and limit an individual from achieving or attaining his or her full potentials. When a person is constrained, it leads to a toxic build of pressure that  causes frustration, dissatisfaction, strife even depression.. A constrained person is an unfulfilled person. They might talk and look the part but inside is a different kettle of fish.

God created every man for a purpose and His ultimate desire is that we find that purpose and fulfil it. It is important that you fulfil purpose as reaching your potentials has a moribund effect. You are fulfilled and this in turn impacts your immediate area of influence.

Taking the lid off is to be all God wants you to be- unashamed, unlimited, unrestrained and fruitful. IT IS TO BECOME.....! There is no cap to what you can become. God is limitless and because you are created in His image, you have limitless potentials. Every potential has an immense capacity to add value to others.

A donkey is a natural beast of burden. Its inherent ability is to carry cargo. However in Matthew 21, we find a donkey who was nowhere near what it was created for. Instead of helping ease burdens it was tied up until Jesus stepped in. It had the potential to carry a full grown man but its owners had tied him up. The ropes limited his movement as it could only move as far as the length of the cords would allow.But when the ropes were removed, it moved beyond its immediate domain. People began to notice the donkey.  The story of an ordinary donkey became a crucial part of Jesus' grand entry into Jerusalem. Every time the story is told, the donkey is mentioned. Because it carried Jesus, it walked on a path that only kings tread..People put their clothes on the ground for it to walk on. There was ease of traffic because an ordinary donkey carried the king. Dear friend, when you give your dream to Jesus, men will rise to your aid.( During the first edition of the Laugh out Loud event, people were just giving and giving so much that I told some people not to bother. However the holy Spirit told me not to deter people from their blessings and the flow continued.) You have to be willing to be used and transformed. Every dream comes raw and needs refining. When the disciples took the ropes off the donkey, they dressed it up to fit the master's good purposes. "and they brought the ass and colt and put on them their clothes and they set him thereon" (Matthew 21:7
CENTRAL TRUTH:  Your God given vision has the capacity to do more than you can imagine. Don't let fear, circumstances including people tie you down. If you don't know what to do invite Jesus into your vision and ask for the help of the holy spirit to execute it.


  • Up-skill  yourself in the desired field
  • Read books that will build your knowledge base.
  • Find a mentor
  • change your mindset from "I can't" to "I can"
  • Leave any toxic environment that does not enhance you.
  • Don't be afraid to start small
  • seek Godly counsel
  • Start, Start , Start.