Saturday, 20 December 2014

Tend your Garden

My neighbour has a very beautiful garden. He somehow finds time to tend his little garden despite his busy schedule. For the love of me, I think he uses magic! I've got this gut feeling he is a Whatever the season, his garden is always looking plush and radiant with colours. My garden on the other hand is like a little wild land filled with weeds.

 Mind you I am clueless about gardening but I do love the idea of having a garden that will be the envy of my neighbours. I'm sure the people that built the house and included a garden did not intend it to be a mini Amazon forest but a haven filled with lovely flowers and plants to enhance the features of the house and give some pleasure to the owners. Right now the garden is anything but!  So I have decided to enlist the services of a professional to help bring life back to my little garden.

To give more meaning to this post, I decided to check what it means to tend.Tend according to the on-line dictionary means to apply oneself to  a task, give attention to, care for or look after.
Do you have a garden and what state is it in? In this instance, a garden is a metaphor for a dream, vision, family, health, finances, relationships, anything at all that is of significant value in your life.
God has put in every life a garden that He designed ultimately to display His splendour.
"they will be called oak of righteousness, a planting of the Lord, for the display of His splendour" Isaiah 61:3.
 There is nothing beautiful about a life gone awry and without structure. An untended garden has the tendency to attract wild creatures so does a life not fulfilling its original purpose. In fact its a sorry sight!
Like a garden, every life designed by God has inherent potentials for infinite possibilities if only we would guard and nurture what the lord has entrusted to us. Stop leaving your life to chance! Stop neglecting the things that are of utmost  important to you. Stop taking your health, family, finances, relationships for granted. Just stop because some of these people are irreplaceable.! Don't wait till it goes down hill before getting a grip.
I know what it is to lose grip on reality so this topic resonates deeply with me but THANK GOD FOR SECOND CHANCES!

Every successful business or relationship is a product of conscious positive decisions. The people you see and admire did not leave things to chance but nurtured and tended their purpose, visions and that includes everything that is of significant value to them. YOU HAVE A RESPONSIBILITY. What you carry is too beautiful/important to leave to chance and wild creatures to peck on. GET A GRIP.
Admittedly certain situations happen to us that cause us to lose focus but its time to get back in the grid and allow yourself to smile again. THE WORLD IS WAITING!

In gardening, certain activities are carried out to ensure a very aesthetic outlook and these rules are applicable to life.
DE-WEED-weeds are undesirable plants that have the tendency to choke out more desirable plants. In order to have a "beautiful" life vigorously uproot emotions, relationships and attitude that would bar you from making your desired impact.
NURTURE- This means care and feed what has been given to you and this includes your family, health, business, finances. Every farmer knows to nurture their plants and flowers so the garden does not grow wild  Don't let wild creatures devour what you are blessed with and don't you mess it up either. What you have in your hand is delicate.

PROTECT- Set barriers around your vision. Guard it jealously. Mind your influencers.
PLAN AND STRUCTURE: Not all gardens are shaped the same way. My garden is oval in shape while my neighbour's is square but enough to plant flowers and plants. What you have might seem small but it is right for you. Work with what you have.

SEEK HELP: Its OK to ask for help if you don't know what to do. There are people out there who have overcome the challenges you are facing, seek them out. You only have one life, pride won't help you in this matter. I know what it means to ask for help and its beneficial in the long run. No use groping in the dark when help is only a phone call away.

Other factors include patience and commitment(would expand later. dashing for a meeting)
My prayer is that as the year draws to an end, you will receive grace to attend to the things that truly matter so your life will display the splendour of God. DON'T LEAVE YOUR LIFE TO CHANCE. TAKE CHARGE.

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