Monday, 1 December 2014

The Bravery of Kenny Brandmuse

I have never heard about Kenny Brandmuse at least till this morning. Kenny is a successful  brand expert and founder of Orange Academy  who revealed his HIV status via his social media platform as the world marks World Aids Day. His revelation is highly commendable given the high level of stigmatization associated with the virus especially in Africa.
Kenny Brandmuse.
Coming out as anything anywhere is difficult for anybody moreso in Africa for fear of societal condemnation and criticism. There is something in everybody which desperately craves acceptance so we all blend in with the crowd and live a lie. In some societies people fear to publicly acknowledge Christ for fear of persecution.For some the persecution is even closer to home from family and friends and this hurts the most! To avoid the drama we pretend to be what we are not thereby eroding our true self. This scenario is not uncommon even in churches. I was and I've also met people who have abandoned their core or true values simply because they want to belong, desperately craving acceptance.  You do this when you fail to stand up for your beliefs because you don't want to stir up "the waters". However the water that is not stirred up today would someday burst its boundaries  due to pressure causing untold damages. Have you seen a quiet "person lose it" and the everybody is in shock.well they never just lost it but the anger had been simmering beneath the surface for a long time.
I am not talking sexual preferences here. The word of God is clear on that. Some even hide their sins instead of "confessing your trespasses to one another so that you might be healed" James 5:16. You real self might not be attractive but in being naked and not ashamed you will get the help you so need! Once upon a time I would fear telling anybody about my son's challenges for fear of being rejected but I learnt early that loving me includes loving my son-that's a no- brainer!. In being you, you in turn help others to find courage to be themselves. This takes courage, strength and the help of the Holy Spirit.
I applaud kenny's courage and I would like you to read his inspiring message here.Follow this link

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