Monday, 1 December 2014

Its not Over.

Happy new month friends! Its the first day of a new month, the last month of the year to be exact.
For a lot of people, its that time of the year for stock taking. The year started with much gusto, goals were set and the journey to a better you started. For some, the goals are far from met while others achieved and exceeded their targets.Unfortunately, some never even took off while some crashed along the way
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 For all categories, the year is far from over, there is room for improvement especially for those who crashed and burnt midway or never even took off from the tarmac. Don't give up yet. God delights in bringing out something beautiful out of nothing. Remember creation story "the earth was without form and void darkness was over the surface of the deep and the spirit of God was hovering over the waters" Genesis 1;1-2. It might seem dark and hopeless but the spirit of God is hovering and working behind the scenes. "working all things together for your good".
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It might be frustrating but trust God as always. Believe in yourself, your dream and above all God.
I didn't start achieving my goals till middle of the year. Prior to that, I felt like a failure, fit for nothing. I felt the stranglehold of failure instead of the liberating power of God and like you wondered if I'd ever amount to anything. In the midst of the darkness "Laugh out Loud" was birthed alongside the "Unbroken project" and "Shakara media".

 Now I'm soaring like an eagle. Like Caleb, I'm asking God for more mountains to claim for His kingdom. In all, I've learnt its "not by power, not by might but my spirit says the lord". Zechariah 4:6. Success is not by man's efforts alone but by God's spirit, his unmerited favour and IN HIS TIME.
People may have lost faith in you or you might have even lost faith in yourself but never lose faith in God or lose sight of His faithfulness. Remember its not over till Curtains call. so keep believing.

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