Monday, 22 December 2014

Make every moment count.

Finally my uncle has been laid to rest weeks after he passed on  after a fatal accident at work. As the days roll into another, my dear aunt is gradually coming to terms with the reality of living life without her partner of over thirty five years.
Reality is,no matter how hard you try to cushion the loss of a person especially one who dies suddenly and in such traumatic circumstances- IT HURTS. Though we have the assurance that "daddy" as he is fondly called has gone to be with the lord, we all miss his gentle smile and kind demeanour. He was an amazing husband, father and uncle. It hurts that we never got to say goodbye. 

Death is a reality of life and I am once again reminded of the brevity of life. One day a person is alive and thriving and the next moment like a sudden burst of wind, the person is gone leaving a void that only God can fill.

 Just this evening a refuse truck lost control and ran into a building killing 6 people in Glasgow. These people were probably going about their businesses with no inclination that death was literally round the corner. In the twinkle of an eye wives have become widows, husbands-widowers and children orphan, fatherless or motherless.
Photo Credit:Jill Greenberg

Since death is a reality of life, why do people waste time on trivial pursuits, bitterness, unforgiveness and regrets?  The simplest answer is that most people think they've got tomorrow to make amends or live right but nobody promised you tomorrow. "you do not even know what will happen are a mist that appears for a little while and then vanishes" James 4:14. MAKE THE BEST OF TODAY.  For the wise, life is too short to be miserable, sad, unforgiving and uncharitable! MAKE EVERY MOMENT COUNT. Make room for only things and people that matter. Make good memories with those you love while you can.

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