Wednesday, 3 December 2014

MAN UP and stop running

Of all the challenges that come with moving house, having a dog problem never made my list! I wondered how my little boy will make new friends amongst other issues but dealing with doggy poop never crossed my mind.

I am blessed to be living in a lovely estate filled with ardent dog owners and lovers but the problem is I AM NOT AN ANIMAL LOVER. All animals on four feet scare me including chickens!

Aside from my other concerns of having too many dogs around, I am caught in the dilemma of finding stray dog poop on the lawn across my back garden and this poses a serious problem as my son loves to play there. In previous occasions I'd clean up the place so my son would play unhindered but not this time.

 I relocated my parking space to another part of the building and permanently shut my curtains against the disgusting view. However my response to this challenge was not helping neither was picking up after the unknown culprit. The situation was denying my son the chance to play on the lawn and me a lovely view of the back garden. So, I have decided to drum up a campaign on the matter that will involve the Resident association and local council. I believe this response will tackle the challenge at its roots.

FOCAL POINT:Positive change is a consequence of hard work and commitment to a vision. Nothing is achieved running from any situation unless its life threatening. Instead of running away from any challenge, Man-up and deal with. Pretending an issue doesn't exist does not benefit anybody in the long run neither does running from it. The offender will not know where he/she has gone wrong and would keep repeating the same mistake. While the "offendee"(new word coined from the creative mind of my dear will still meet trying situations in the future. Conflict and challenges are part of life. I had a friend who left his wife because of her constant nagging but further examination revealed my friend has a record of jumping out of "difficult" relationships. For how long will this person continue to run?
In my case picking up after stray dogs does not opportune the owners to properly train their dogs which leaves me at a disadvantage of doing unpaid disgusting jobs-relocating my parking space was not helping as well until I chose to pro -actively deal with the issue.
Avoiding dealing with a knotty issue or wishing a difficult situation away only gives a temporary reprieve till it arises again. The earlier you learn that conflict is a part of life and the ability to properly deal with an issue saves a lot of future heartache.
Now its dog poop ruining my view, next it could be relationship matters but the same method applies. Man up and deal with no more running away. Find a strategy that works for you that does not include fighting, exchange of words but definitely NO MORE RUNNING AWAY. You may have to get other people involved in finding a solution but please no more running away, ITS TIME TO MAN UP.

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