Thursday, 11 December 2014

Find your selling point.

The world is a market place full of buyers and sellers. It is a hub of activities with constant exchange of good and services. Unlike some trade centres, the world market is not product specific but full of diverse range of product and exciting offers.

 People visit the market to either buy or sell as market places are not recreation centres except for a third group of people who are simply window shoppers.  Given its dynamic nature, the world market is highly competitive with vendors vying to capture customers and sell their goods. No business person wants to go home without making sales. In all the seller is the most active in the world market Even the casual observer sometimes cannot resist the allure of the goods or the persistence of the seller .

A seller is anyone who offers goods and services for sale in a market. He or  she has products tailored to meet a target market or demand. In order words, your specific gifts are the goods entrusted to you to sell to the world in either direct or indirect methods.
1. must have something that someone must be willing to buy.
2. must have a strategy to attract the right customer
3. must be able to create a demand for ther products
4. must be able to generate repeat custom for the product
5.The product must be in stock.
6.Know the market.
If the world is a market place and you are the seller, what are you selling?. Everybody have unique skills and talents that are innate and dormant until discovered.. The world is full of needs that require fulfilment and it is only people that can satisfy those needs that will be appreciated. For instance, a person that is very sick will not appreciate a plumber as his needs at the time can only be met by a doctor. The doctor's selling point is his ability to treat sick people. Medicare is what he is selling! God did not create anybody empty. Colossians 1:19 says "out of His fullness we have all received"  and we know God does not do things in half measure so "you carry something".

Don't allow circumstances or your past or even naysayers talk you into believing otherwise "you have something to sell !".
You have within you ideas and vision that needs to be birthed to satisfy the needs of people "for the creation eagerly waits with anticipation for God's sons to be revealed" Romans 8:19. 
The world is waiting for you to discover and embrace your unique selling point.  A wise person said "The provision lies where the vision is". Your wealthy place can only be found if you find and follow your vision and passion. YOUR VISION IS YOUR SELLING POINT.  When you find your vision, you find both provision and fulfilment.

I am a broadcast journalist with an insane sense of humour. Talk and stand-up comedy are my passion. So in in July, I obeyed the lord and organised a comedy night titled "Laugh Out Loud". The mandate was for God to restore broken lives through humour and HE DID. Already people are demanding for more and the next edition is in January. My passion and skills have become my selling point.
A winner at Laugh Out Loud
As a seller, your number one purpose in the market is to make sales. As a person you are created to positively impact your world. You are not permitted to return "home" with your God given talents.
So  what drives or motivates you? what do you like doing? When you discover what you like doing, it will automatically become your selling point.

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