Friday, 5 December 2014

Change your perspective

There is a story about a sales man who was sent to a remote region to sell shoes but on getting there he reported to his superiors that there was no viable market in the region as the residents don't wear shoes. After several months another sales representative was sent to the same region to sell shoes and his report was different.He called his superiors highly excited about the prospective market in the region for shoes.

 Two sales man working for the same company, selling the same product, catering to the same market but with absolute different outlook on the target. The challenge was the same but their attitude was the different. One saw potential  while the other saw defeat.

In the book of Numbers 13, Moses sent twelve Israelites to explore the promised land as God had instructed. Twelve people spied the land, had the same report but had a very different response to the situation. Ten people said the land was filled with giants and  noticed the surrounding problems totally disregarding the viability of the land. In analysing the situation they saw themselves as "grasshoppers" with no hope of survival.  Caleb and Joshua on the other hand only saw the potentials and their ability to possess the land "we should go up and take possession of the land,for we can certainly do it" Numbers 13:30. They had a can-do attitude.
CENTRAL TRUTH: Every body has the potential to see but we differ greatly in what we see, how we see and our response to what we see. For every knotty situation, we either see problems or challenges. A problem is a negative mindset about a situation while a challenge presents itself as a potential for growth and success-its a matter of perspective. When you view your circumstance,  do you see  problems or potential for excellence? Remember David? Goliath was an opportunity for promotion not a problem before the young shepherd. David did not cower before the ginormous man towering above him but saw a situation no bigger than what he'd faced in the past. To prove this point, he tackled this challenge with a simple shot from his sling. Goliath did not deserve a sword or worth stressing over.

The perspective you have concerning any issue will determine your attitude. Its a known fact that your attitude in turn would determine your altitude.

The Israelites were on the verge of the promised land, seen evidence of the abundance in the promised land but their "grasshopper" mentality prevented them from taking possession of the land "we seemed like grasshoppers in our own eyes and we looked the same to the same". They had a wrong mind view of themselves. They'd experienced the wonders of God in Egypt, the red sea and the wilderness and they still thought themselves to be NOTHING!!. They spent years wandering the wilderness because of their warped view of themselves. To think they were so close to it. The promised land was within their reach but they missed it for another forty years!

. Caleb and Joshua had no such low perspective of themselves. They'd experienced God and trusted Him. Same as David.Your perspective is in the WORD OF GOD."you are a chosen people, a royal priesthood,a holy nation, God's own special possession" 1 Peter 2:9
The first shoe sales man would have experienced a record sales but for his negative view of the situation. He could have been named regional director of that region if he'd only seen right. The truth is our strength is not of ourselves but of God. Until a person starts seeing from God's perspective, life will be a vicious cycle of defeats and unfulfilled potentials. its almost the end of the year but not the end of the world, miracles still happen if only you will believe. Change your perspective and change your life.

  • faith in God.
  • Study and meditate on scripture
  • trust.
  • prayer 
  • recall the goodness of God.
  • Grace.
  • mind your influencers
  • Guard your heart and mind
  • watch your word.

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