Saturday, 27 December 2014

Every Little Helps

€100 might not mean a lot to many people but it was exactly what *Kathy* needed to sort her daughter's music lessons. Unemployed and single, getting by financially was hard enough without adding the extra burden of music lessons but her daughter loved singing. Little *Tabitha* needed a new guitar as her old one was broken but there was no way her mum could afford a new one at the moment. Not being able to provide for a child is any parent's dilemma and Kathy was no different.
But she turned her concerns to the one who can.

That morning Kathy had come to church broke without even the requisite money for offering. Imagine her surprise when an usher gave her an envelop with her name on it. An anonymous person had dropped the envelop in the offering basket with a note for her. It was specifically addressed as a contribution towards her daughter's new guitar. I CALL THAT A MIRACLE! Even as I write this article, Kathy does not know who gave her the gift.

We all need a miracle don't we?  A confirmation that God's got our back when the bills are pouring in or the medical report aint that encouraging. What's your trust gauge in the wake of challenges? Like Kathy do you trust God and expect a miracle or do you throw in the towel and panic.
CENTRAL TRUTH: God is still in the business of doing the supernatural. HE HAS NOT CHANGED. If He has to cause manna to rain from heaven for your sake He will. Don't worry about the method of provision TRUST THE PROVIDER.

God can do anything all by Himself but He wants you and I as part of the process. God wants to involve you in performing miracles in the lives of others. WHAT A PRIVILEGE. Remember the story of how Jesus turned water into wine in John 2:1-11? The servants had to fill jars with water-fetching water and filling the jars was their role in that miracle process. I'm sure after the miracle happened they made a boast about how they logged jars after jars of water for Jesus. I WOULD!

God desires that we become conduit of His blessings-no more hanging on the sidelines. The €100 did not solve all of my friend's financial issues but it was one less problem for her to fuss about. It was a €100 she did not have earlier that day. IT WAS UNEXPECTED YET APPRECIATED. That's the benefit of helping others. Your gift no matter how little will help assuage the other person's challenges.You may not be able to single handedly end world poverty or eradicate hunger but you can make a difference in one life.

 There is something beautiful about helping others. ITS INDESCRIBABLE. You have to experience it to know it. According to my people "at all, at all, na im bad pass". This simply means, not giving anything is worse than giving a little.
Be part of the change. Be a conduit of God's miracle. Be part of the process.  Don't go worrying about what  little help you can give  because that little might just be all the help a person needs. Remember, EVERY LITTLE HELPS even if its a smile or a hug.

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