Thursday, 25 December 2014

Letter to my Joshy

Appreciating my son at Christmas. He is much stronger than I give him credit for. How else does he manage to live with the Queen of Loko herself?
Dear Joshy boo,
I've made a lot of crazy decisions in my life and followed with a lot of crazy actions but having you tops it all.  Its been eight roller coaster years since you came into my life but it's an adventure I've come to enjoy with the highs and lows. I know its not your birthday but your smile makes me want to celebrate every day. Who knew it'll take a lil boy to turn this ogre into mush.

For many reasons this is the best Christmas ever and its because you are in it. We don't have much but we have each other and that makes other things trivial in comparison. YOU ARE ALL THAT MATTERS.

I feel like everything in my life was a build up to you; my choices, decisions, heartbreaks, regrets, rejections and applause. EVERYTHING.  You are the crescendo of all my achievements. NOTHING COMPARES WITH YOU. Every time, I see you the rejection, my past, pain and choices are all worth it. If I had done one thing differently, I would never have had the joy that you are my son. YOU ARE WORTH EVERYTHING. Thank God I chose you and I'll do it all over again maybe not via

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