Thursday, 20 March 2014

Stick with the programme

Am I the only person that find diets exhausting? thought not! it requires a lot of energy, determination and discipline most of which I tend to have in short supply *shamefaced*. With so much diet fads and trend its no wonder dieting would seem like an overwhelming task. The journey to a healthier and sexier me is further stressful given the ease with which other people seem to lose weight. *sigh*. Never mind those skinny *****es* on magazines the bad language on envy). The truth is I love food! If its edible, I'll eat it despite my better intentions. When I see food, all semblance of good sense and sensibility goes out the window especially when I visit my good friend Beauty-her red stew is "sinfully delicious". Oh, why do I have such hyperactive taste buds and insatiable appetite?. WHY!!! Many times I've been tempted to give up the whole diet palava but at the last minute remember I have much more to gain if I lose weight compared with the health challenges of obesity. Its not easy but I'm sticking with the programme. For instance, I have green tea with lemon on my mid day snack plan but my tummy is craving correct Eba smothered in vegetable soup yum yum!! Despite the rumbling of my tummy, I chose to stick with my plan, refusing to give into my baser instinct like a ravenous beast. I've simply had enough of the yoyo diet. I want to shed the extra flabs once and for all. Aside from my uncontrollable appetite *cough*, doctors have identified other reasons but I say bull crap!!(too much expletives going bad). More than ever before, I have come to appreciate the power of the holy spirit in weight loss. Whenever I fall off the wagon (which I do), I get back up with His help without any condemnation. To the many ladies struggling to achieve their dream weight goals, you are not programmed to go the journey alone. If it matters to you then be sure it MATTERS TO GOD. However the holy spirit is the perfect gentleman He would not force his way into where He is not invited or welcomed. Ironically, we invite His help into our relationships, finances etc but shut the door when it comes to weight loss. We boast in self effort and crumble when we fail. The power for lasting transformation lies in GOD. the journey to a healthier and sexier me has been a slow YET progressive one. More than ever before I'm sticking with the program. Aside from the health benefits, I want to look good on my wedding day. I want my husband to carry me across the thresh hold and not drag me by the hair or hire a crane to do his job-don't want him to hurt his back either*cough* All parts are necessary for a blissful honeymoon, I've waited too long to be denied any part of my "entitlement" *cough*. With that picture in mind, I'm putting my back into the programme ."fixing our eyes on Jesus, the pioneer and perfecter of faith. For the joy set before him he endured the cross, scorning its shame, and sat down at the right hand of the throne of God".Hebrew 12:2. It is important for a successful weight loss programme that you identify why you eat, connect with friends with similar goals and seek help from the Holy Spirit-you are just a prayer away from your desired goal.

Thursday, 13 March 2014

Who Knew?

Who knew I would someday be running instead of jogging? Not me? I am the queen of strolling, walking and gliding, NOT RUNNING. As a typical teenager, I did my fair-less than average- share of running during school sports or the few times I was chased by the local dogs in my area but running was never my forte more so since I gained weight. To worsen the situation, I've got skinny legs and a muffin type upper body so my legs just couldn't carry the rest of me...think of an egg on match sticks Despite the afore mentioned, I suddenly found myself running instead of my usual gentle walk in the mornings. So what happened? The transition did not happen overnight nor by magic rather was the result of gradual progress steeped in consistency and determination. More than ever before I'm determined to shed the flabs(my son finds my wobbly stomach funny and tries to hide stuffs like coins in them but after a while it was no longer funny but embarrassing!) . I started with a short twenty minutes brisk walk and the impact on my body felt more like a one hour fighting bout with Mohammed Ali but I was not giving up despite the pain. I didn't mind the temporary discomfort rather started enjoying it as part of my daily routine. Today, I proudly run instead of dragging my feet. Spiritual growth doesn't just happen but like every exercise its a gradual build up before the more tasking routines. The more you pray, the more your faith muscles are built up.Simon peter is one of my favourites amongst Jesus' disciples. He'd been dragging his feet in ministry until he metaphorically started running with the vision. like me peter had a lot working against him. He was uneducated, uncouth and brash with a past filled with noticeable failures. However before the outpouring of the Holy Spirit whereby peter spoke before a teeming crowd and over three thousand were added to the church, he'd stood before a smaller audience in Acts 1:15 "In those days Peter stood up among the believers (a group numbering about a hundred and twenty). That small private audience was the training ground for a larger audience. Who knew Peter could ever reach his full potentials, I'm sure he never did but God knew. All it took was for him to embrace the little and it enlarged with usage and time. Don't let your past mistakes and weaknesses hold you captive. If my skinny legs can carry my muffin top, there is so much you can achieve if only you will try.

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

A Good deed.

I don't care that some people have lost the ability to be humane and most times unappreciative, I still believe in doing good. Life is not about how people treat you but how you respond in return is what sets you apart from the rest. Being good does not have to involve an herculean task even a simple kind gesture could go a long way in helping someone and it leaves a lasting impression. Several years ago, I was so broke and had no one to ask for help. Imagine being alone and disabled in a foreign country with a little child and no source of income. Survival was paramount on my mind but where would I start given my peculiar situation. Out of frustration, I refused to attend church the following Sunday. I was unhappy and didn't want to be in the midst of people especially church people-I just wanted to wallow in self pity and bemoan my plight to the universe. But as it is with the universe, I never got my request rather the last person I wanted to see came knocking. You see Sister Lara is one of those rare church sisters that always had a smile for everyone. Her smile was not pretentious but stemmed from a sincere desire to transform lives one smile at a time. We weren't particularly close so I was shocked to see her at my doorsteps. She'd somehow noticed my absence at service and wanted to check if all was well. The thing is,this Sister could have easily gotten my phone number as she'd easily got my house number but that was not her modus operandi-she had to come see herself. What touched me about her visit was despite my every attempt to send her away with a flimsy excuse regarding my one time absence from church, she just wouldn't buy it(wouldn't want to have her as an enemy serious such tenacity from a pint size lady!). I was literally forced to tell her my financial situation. "Is that all"? she asked with a smile. to cut the story short, she reprimanded me for missing service bla bla, prayed and encouraged me not to miss church the following sunday. No big deal in that narration is it? The following Sunday, I dutifully attended church. My financial situation had not changed but I decided to give God another Waiting for me after service was sister Lara who discreetly handed me an envelop containing enough money to tide me over for a while. She'd discussed my plight with the church welfare board and the church had come to my rescue. I was overwhelmed at the gesture given that the church was small and over half of her members unemployed. You see the church did not have much but was still able to give from the little it had. I am a natural giver but more so since that day. I don't care for arguments about pastors that use church funds to finance lavish lifestyles-leave them-they will answer to God. You play your part and let God handle His. Malachi 3:10"Bring the whole tithe into the storehouse, that there may be food in my house. Test me in this," says the LORD Almighty and see if I will not throw open the floodgates of heaven and pour out so much blessing that there will not be room enough to store it". The church is able to fend for people in need like myself at that time as a result of people's obedience to scripture. Generosity should not be relegated to the church alone but should encompass your immediate sphere. The Irish Charity sector has been rocked by scandal lately following accusations of misappropriation of funds by some charity organistions. This has in turn affected peoples' attitude to giving money to charitable causes. I know people feel betrayed as the monies were meant to finance charitable projects and not fund lavish life styles for a few greedy people. Be that as it may, I have not allowed that singular issue stop me from doing what I know is right-GIVING. Besides the reward of giving, the act itself is uplifting.Luke 6:38 "Give, and it will be given to you. A good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over, will be poured into your lap. For with the measure you use, it will be measured to you." So don't tire of giving and doing a good deed-it goes full circle back to you. P.S I did a good deed today, wasnt't much. I kept flashing my headlamps at oncoming vehicles to warn them of a speed camera van ahead. some acknowledged my warning by flashing back while others simply ignored the crazy African woman harrassing them with her seems silly doesn't it? but I FELT EPIC.

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Its a beautiful day.

There is something about a beautiful day that makes everyone smile especially where the people are used to dismal weather. The brightness of the sun pushing through dreary clouds is a dear sight to behold even for people who tend to allow the weather dictate the mood for their day. On a regular cold dismal day, it is "normal" where I live to be greeted with statements like "what a horrible day", "have you seen such crappy weather before", "its such a cold day" etc. You might say they are saying it as it is but lets look on the bright side, we are not in a tsunami prone zone! Admittedly most days are cold and blistering but admittance to such negative statements could put a damper on even little miss sunshine. Like a bad weather so is the person with a negative attitude. They have a way of killing the lights anywhere they go. Truth is, just as a bad attitude is contagious,so is happiness. My favourite people are the light bearers. They turn up in the most dismal places and the light goes up. They carry excess joy and laughter with them everywhere they go. Every child of God is created as a light bearer to illuminate and glow everywhere not only in church. Sometimes "bad weather" happens through painful experiences that may dim the light...don't condemn or brandish the bible over the victim like a weapon(we Christians do these things... the word of God is the standard but be wise) rather empathise and help turn back the light on full blast. For some recovery might be immediate while others might take a long journey...BE PATIENT. However that is not dismissing a special group whose bad attitude is a force of habit!! I know a lady that is desperate to be married and she could frustrate even a saint to break his/vow of silence with her lamentations. Initially I would be upset at her negativity after all I'm not married too (ADVERT:note to every rich bachelor you don't see me dragging anyone into a well for that; until I read Proverbs 13:12 "hope deferred makes the heart sick, but when the desire comes its a tree of life. So that changed how I related with her but its not an easy task if not for grace. Aside from this little torn in her flesh, she is a very lovely person and I choose to focus on her other endearing qualities and pray for her MR Right to come soonest. As children of God, we are encouraged not to allow circumstances to determine how we perceive the world rather to shape the world with THE WORD OF GOD. Ireland is a very lovely place to live and bring up children and it has become my home. It is cold most parts of the year but that does not detract from its beauty and its wonderful people. Its not perfect but I'd rather focus on the good parts. So after weeks of horrible weather we got a break today. The sun is shinning and everyone is smiling. During my morning walk I did not hear a single negative comment about the weather...indeed a longing fulfilled is a tree of life

Thursday, 6 March 2014

"Wetin again"?

"Wetin Again" is a Nigerian expression that simply means "What is it again"? It is a question mostly used to express exasperation over a repetitive unwanted action (i'm getting used to this big These two words pack in them annoyance, frustration, anger, resignation, discontent, displeasure or simple irritation. "wetin again" situation arises when a well fed and pampered child is put to bed after much ado but suddenly wakes up and start crying for no obvious reason. "Wetin again" also occurs when you have tried to placate a bossy boss who unfortunately still persists in making the office too cold for comfort. A young lady has followed all the rules in a Godly relationship but still gets jilted again and angain! Phew!! I'm sure you get my drift. We all sometimes have those moments don't we -a never ending deluge of challenges that want to drive you nuts!!!. A good friend had a "wetin again" moment recently. She'd been inundated with a series of challenges in the past two years and it seemed every time she lifts her head up for a breather another bout of challenge rolls in again uninvited hence the question "wetin again"? In seeking an answer to her self musing, she realised in all, she'd never been truly overwhelmed by the situation no matter how unpalatable it might seemed at the moment. Sometimes her confidence gets knocked, her finances affected, friends nowhere to be found but she still survives. When it seems all is lost, a door of hope somehow opens up. while sharing her challenge with me, my dear friend spurred my faith with something she said in the wake of a seemingly bitter situation. Looming ahead was a possible job loss and instead of moaning and crying, she declared the word of God. She spoke THE WORD to the storm raging before her. That was the answer. You see to every question,there is an answer in scripture. When your health tosses you a question,THE WORD says "by His stripes you are healed". Is there a "Wetin again" in your finances?, the answer is "my God shall supply all my needs according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus", Phil 4:19. Are you dealing with loneliness? Scripture says "the lonely will he set in families", Psalm 68:6. For there to be the word "again" in the question surely means you've survived previous problems isn't? So the same God that brought you through previous storms is waiting to deliver you in this. So next time you experience a "wetin again" situation, CHECK YOUR BIBLE FOR THE ANSWER....CHIKENA!!!! FINI TO!!!