Thursday, 13 March 2014

Who Knew?

Who knew I would someday be running instead of jogging? Not me? I am the queen of strolling, walking and gliding, NOT RUNNING. As a typical teenager, I did my fair-less than average- share of running during school sports or the few times I was chased by the local dogs in my area but running was never my forte more so since I gained weight. To worsen the situation, I've got skinny legs and a muffin type upper body so my legs just couldn't carry the rest of me...think of an egg on match sticks Despite the afore mentioned, I suddenly found myself running instead of my usual gentle walk in the mornings. So what happened? The transition did not happen overnight nor by magic rather was the result of gradual progress steeped in consistency and determination. More than ever before I'm determined to shed the flabs(my son finds my wobbly stomach funny and tries to hide stuffs like coins in them but after a while it was no longer funny but embarrassing!) . I started with a short twenty minutes brisk walk and the impact on my body felt more like a one hour fighting bout with Mohammed Ali but I was not giving up despite the pain. I didn't mind the temporary discomfort rather started enjoying it as part of my daily routine. Today, I proudly run instead of dragging my feet. Spiritual growth doesn't just happen but like every exercise its a gradual build up before the more tasking routines. The more you pray, the more your faith muscles are built up.Simon peter is one of my favourites amongst Jesus' disciples. He'd been dragging his feet in ministry until he metaphorically started running with the vision. like me peter had a lot working against him. He was uneducated, uncouth and brash with a past filled with noticeable failures. However before the outpouring of the Holy Spirit whereby peter spoke before a teeming crowd and over three thousand were added to the church, he'd stood before a smaller audience in Acts 1:15 "In those days Peter stood up among the believers (a group numbering about a hundred and twenty). That small private audience was the training ground for a larger audience. Who knew Peter could ever reach his full potentials, I'm sure he never did but God knew. All it took was for him to embrace the little and it enlarged with usage and time. Don't let your past mistakes and weaknesses hold you captive. If my skinny legs can carry my muffin top, there is so much you can achieve if only you will try.

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