Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Its a beautiful day.

There is something about a beautiful day that makes everyone smile especially where the people are used to dismal weather. The brightness of the sun pushing through dreary clouds is a dear sight to behold even for people who tend to allow the weather dictate the mood for their day. On a regular cold dismal day, it is "normal" where I live to be greeted with statements like "what a horrible day", "have you seen such crappy weather before", "its such a cold day" etc. You might say they are saying it as it is but lets look on the bright side, we are not in a tsunami prone zone! Admittedly most days are cold and blistering but admittance to such negative statements could put a damper on even little miss sunshine. Like a bad weather so is the person with a negative attitude. They have a way of killing the lights anywhere they go. Truth is, just as a bad attitude is contagious,so is happiness. My favourite people are the light bearers. They turn up in the most dismal places and the light goes up. They carry excess joy and laughter with them everywhere they go. Every child of God is created as a light bearer to illuminate and glow everywhere not only in church. Sometimes "bad weather" happens through painful experiences that may dim the light...don't condemn or brandish the bible over the victim like a weapon(we Christians do these things... the word of God is the standard but be wise) rather empathise and help turn back the light on full blast. For some recovery might be immediate while others might take a long journey...BE PATIENT. However that is not dismissing a special group whose bad attitude is a force of habit!! I know a lady that is desperate to be married and she could frustrate even a saint to break his/vow of silence with her lamentations. Initially I would be upset at her negativity after all I'm not married too (ADVERT:note to every rich bachelor reading..lol)but you don't see me dragging anyone into a well for that; until I read Proverbs 13:12 "hope deferred makes the heart sick, but when the desire comes its a tree of life. So that changed how I related with her but its not an easy task if not for grace. Aside from this little torn in her flesh, she is a very lovely person and I choose to focus on her other endearing qualities and pray for her MR Right to come soonest. As children of God, we are encouraged not to allow circumstances to determine how we perceive the world rather to shape the world with THE WORD OF GOD. Ireland is a very lovely place to live and bring up children and it has become my home. It is cold most parts of the year but that does not detract from its beauty and its wonderful people. Its not perfect but I'd rather focus on the good parts. So after weeks of horrible weather we got a break today. The sun is shinning and everyone is smiling. During my morning walk I did not hear a single negative comment about the weather...indeed a longing fulfilled is a tree of life

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