Thursday, 6 March 2014

"Wetin again"?

"Wetin Again" is a Nigerian expression that simply means "What is it again"? It is a question mostly used to express exasperation over a repetitive unwanted action (i'm getting used to this big These two words pack in them annoyance, frustration, anger, resignation, discontent, displeasure or simple irritation. "wetin again" situation arises when a well fed and pampered child is put to bed after much ado but suddenly wakes up and start crying for no obvious reason. "Wetin again" also occurs when you have tried to placate a bossy boss who unfortunately still persists in making the office too cold for comfort. A young lady has followed all the rules in a Godly relationship but still gets jilted again and angain! Phew!! I'm sure you get my drift. We all sometimes have those moments don't we -a never ending deluge of challenges that want to drive you nuts!!!. A good friend had a "wetin again" moment recently. She'd been inundated with a series of challenges in the past two years and it seemed every time she lifts her head up for a breather another bout of challenge rolls in again uninvited hence the question "wetin again"? In seeking an answer to her self musing, she realised in all, she'd never been truly overwhelmed by the situation no matter how unpalatable it might seemed at the moment. Sometimes her confidence gets knocked, her finances affected, friends nowhere to be found but she still survives. When it seems all is lost, a door of hope somehow opens up. while sharing her challenge with me, my dear friend spurred my faith with something she said in the wake of a seemingly bitter situation. Looming ahead was a possible job loss and instead of moaning and crying, she declared the word of God. She spoke THE WORD to the storm raging before her. That was the answer. You see to every question,there is an answer in scripture. When your health tosses you a question,THE WORD says "by His stripes you are healed". Is there a "Wetin again" in your finances?, the answer is "my God shall supply all my needs according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus", Phil 4:19. Are you dealing with loneliness? Scripture says "the lonely will he set in families", Psalm 68:6. For there to be the word "again" in the question surely means you've survived previous problems isn't? So the same God that brought you through previous storms is waiting to deliver you in this. So next time you experience a "wetin again" situation, CHECK YOUR BIBLE FOR THE ANSWER....CHIKENA!!!! FINI TO!!!

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