Thursday, 30 October 2014

The Fault in our Stars.

The title of this post is based on a movie about two teens, Hazel and Augustus who both have different cancer conditions. They met at a cancer support group and their journey of love follows the complexity of living a full life within a short time. Truth is, I have not watched the movie yet but was deeply moved by its promotional clip. The part that caught my attention was when Hazel asked Augustus why he was staring at her. He gave a simple yet profound answer "because you are beautiful".According to the world standard, there is nothing pretty about a girl living with cancer and logging around an oxygen tank to help her breath. But Augustus saw beyond Hazel's challenges and only focused on the beautiful woman trapped within that broken shell. Never mind that Augustus was broken Himself. Knowing his own "brokenness" he connected with Hazel's "brokenness". The cancer was the bridge that brought them together. He did not judge her or condemn her but empathised with her suffering because he was suffering too. He understood her pain, weakness and frailties.
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In  a particular scene in Shakespeare's play, Julius Caesar, the noble man Cassius says to Brutus  "the fault dear Brutus is not in our stars but in ourselves".
We live in a broken world with broken people who deny their brokenness but go about hurting people while hurting themselves.  The world is filled with hurting people trying to heal others when they require healing themselves.These ones end up doing more harm than good "you hypocrite,first take the plank out of your own eyes and then you will see clearly to remove the speck in your brother's eyes" Matthew 7:5 .
The thing is we've all got something in our "eyes". Nobody has perfect vision that is why every man is a work in progress as we journey to perfection.

I sometimes attend a support group for parents with special needs kids in my area. The aim of the group is for parents to glean from each others experiences and encourage one another. At the meetings we don't laugh at each other but laugh together, bonded by our challenges though some more trying than others. It would be foolhardy to laugh at others when my life aint so perfect itself.
Our challenges might be different but everyone has got an issue whether speck size or plank size. Instead of laughing at others, show understanding!
The fault in our stars is that we spend too much time time judging others instead of empathizing, showing compassion and offering  a helping hand.
That's why I adore Jesus. He did not come to judge the world but save. John 12:47. He had every right to condemn but he didn't.
Relationships will augur well if people love more and judge less. The fault is not with our stars but in us.Too many broken people acting all put together but broken nevertheless.  We are broken people desperately in need of a saviour. Thank God we may be imperfect but we serve a perfect God who makes all things beautiful in His time.

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

What's Your Story

How I wish I was like Daniel who was so faithful to the Lord that his enemies could not find any accusation against him. Just like Jesus, they had to make up accusations against him so that he would be sentenced to death. Unfortunately, I am not Daniel. I have inherent flaws some more obvious than others. More often than not, I find myself hiding like Gideon in a cave too scared of the "Midianites" to venture out. Like Zechariah more filled with questions than faith asking "how can this be?" or even Sarah who laughed more in disbelief at the promise than with disrespect. David was an adulterer, Moses Murdered, Abraham lied, Rahab was a prostitute, Noah got drunk,
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Elijah was depressed and Lazarus was dead. In all these people, I see a reflection of myself-imperfect and flawed but God found use for them. While men see imperfections God sees potentials. God is in the business of supernatural transformation. Out of these imperfect people God raised great leaders. The bible is such a rich book filled with true stories of ordinary men and women who were prone to the same challenges and emotional tumoils as we. No pretence! No holds barred revelation of how they dealt with life issues and overcame. They say men don't cry but the psalms gives many instances of how David wept and overcame low moments in his life. Abraham's concubine was told to return to her mistress and be submissive not arrogant in dealing with marital issues. The great Apostle Paul drove the campaign to persecute the early church-talk about passion.  Peter betrayed his friend and teacher not once but thrice  and Judas was the ultimate sell-out!! Not to mention Jesus' earthly lineage was dysfunctional. So what's your story. It doesn't matter where you are at the moment there is hope in your future. Remember its not about you but the GOD IN YOU. God is not seeking for perfect people but men who have a desire for Him and sincerely seek Him. If God can use a formally demon possessed person to preach the gospel, He can use you. God believes in you, believe in you too. I DO.

Just Waiting on Him

Editor's Note: Greatness stems from commitment in little things. The level of dedication a man puts into little assignments is most times a reflection of how he'll handle greater opportunities. The preparation for any assignment is as great as the assignment itself. Don't complain, put your back into it. This was exactly what Stephen was doing-being faithful in waiting on tables and dealing with seemingly small matters. Though Stephen was full of Faith and the Holy Spirit, he did not disdain the assignment as it prepared him for the meeting with the Sanhedrin. Acts 6&7. Dear friends, do not despise small beginnings because therein lies the greatness. Ofcourse, I just have to share this article by Greg Laurie of Harvest Ministries. You can connect with Pastor Greg on Be blessed.
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What is the Hullabaloo about marriage.

Editor's Note: For many reasons I am unrushed about getting married. This is despite finding the fifth grey hair on my head last Monday. I called them my wisdom I am particularly blessed to belong to a family who have never pressured me into getting married. Could it be because I already have a kid and have somewhat fulfilled that grand requirement?(would have to ask my Unfortunately, not all ladies my age are that lucky. Most women are under both society and family pressures to get married and end up making very poor decisions. A lot of marriages are rife with frustrated and very unhappy couples "bound" in the marriage circle. This in turn creates a toxic situation that negatively impact the society at large. I would love to be married someday but definitely for the right reasons. Not even my "wisdom strands" would cause me to make that leap without proper considerations as I strongly believe that marriage is a covenant relationship between matured adults and not babies. It has a purpose therefore should be purpose driven. My very artistic baby sister wrote this brilliant article about marriage and her insightful take on the matter is worth reading. Vickie Mamalet Otono is creative writer with Kurioucity Ltd. She is a great cook Watch out Ramsey!
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Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Bought At A Price

Nobody loves to loose anything especially when the object came at a price. Whatever has been purchased has more intrinsic value other than financial. It can also involve concerted physical effort, research, emotions  and time invested. You work hard, save money, do research, build excitement, make the purchase and suddenly you lose the purchase? My dear it will hurt because it was worth something.
We have all experienced some form of loss at one point or the other. It could have been a loved one or an object of desire but the pain of loss is the same and we will do anything possible or within our means to get the lost object back. I read an article on how Paula White prayed relentlessly for her son who was lost in addiction for over eight years. Bradley was the son of her womb, she nurtured him as a baby and had great expectations for his future, so she was not ready to allow drugs  rob her or him off the prospects of enjoying life as a family. Paula prayed, fasted and petitioned because Bradley was WORTH IT.  It didn't matter that she had other children because Bradley mattered just like you and I matter to God.
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David knew what it was to lose something precious too. His wife was wrongfully taken from him. Despite having other wives none were like the wife of his youth. None could replace Michal, the daughter of Saul because she cost him something. "David took his men with him,and went out and killed two hundred Philistines and brought back their foreskins. They counted out the full number to the king so that David might become the king's son-in-law. Then Saul gave him his daughter Michal in marriage" 1 King 18:27.
The first opportunity David had to get her back, he did without wasting time. "thou shall not see my face, except thou first bring Michal Saul's daughter when thou comest to seem my face...deliver me my wife Michal which I espoused to me for an hundred foreskins of Philistines" 2 Samuel 3:13-14.
Michal was not just anybody, she was bought at a price. She cost sweat and blood!
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Dear friend, God is relentlessly pursuing you today because YOU MATTER! You were bought at a price and God is not letting you go easy. You were not bought with perishables but with the priceless blood of His only son. God gave up His son for you so don't think He'll just let you slip away like that. NO SIR!  Don't let your circumstances or anyone belittle how precious you are. YOU ARE PRICELESS and don't ever forget that."for i am convinced that neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons, neither  the present nor the future, nor any powers, neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our lord" Romans 8:38-39.
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Monday, 20 October 2014

The power of the extra spice

Without shame or any form of remorse, I admit I'm not close to being an average cook.  Infact I lack the basic female cooking gene!  I am gifted with two left hands in the kitchen and an unresponsive taste bud!! Before I embark on the simplest cooking voyage, I have in my mind's eye a picture of the most amazing, taste bud defying meal but despite my best efforts it turns out  blah for want of a better description. Can't wait for the invention of those futuristic  magic food pills that you can simply pop into the microwave and the result is the most gratifying mouth watering dish ever. Seriously, I mean a three course meal in a single pill.

Unabashed by my seeming lack of cooking drive or ability, I blazed into the kitchen to whip up my crave for day, THE AMAZING JOLLOF RICE.

 Like everyone in planet food lovers, I adore jollof rice, in fact its my Kryptonite.  It has the ability to turn this super woman to mush. I can dance the Irish Jig for free at the Dublin city centre on a cold day without a coat just for a plate of this delightful dish.

While digging up my not so secret ingredients, I decided to do something differently today. I had this "enlightening" idea to add extra spice to my pot of wonder. I am quite basic when cooking maybe that's why my cooking has been poorly. But not today, I went the extra mile of spicing my jollof with my now secret ingredient and the result was astonishing!

 I must confess, I truly have outdone myself. Ironically, some of the ingredients had been in my kitchen cupboard all this time while the others were bought during my last shopping but they all worked out well.

Like my previous attempt at jollof rice, a lot of Christians are just as bland-Nothing to distinguish them from the average unbeliever. They live and talk the same defeatist talk like every other person. Unfortunately, unlike the unbelievers what the believing child of God requires to live an extraordinary life is within him or her and within reach. It takes the desire and extra effort to achieve that level. All you need is the extra spice.

In my kitchen adventure, I realised I had the head knowledge of how to cook jollof rice even have some of the extra ingredients but when it got to actual execution, the result were far from perfect. However, with an extra pince of salt and other spices my jollof rice is sort of a master piece.
For the believer the secret ingredient and extra spice for a victorious life is THE HOLY SPIRIT.
 The Holy spirit is not the only the extra spice HE IS THE MAIN SPICE.There is just no doing without Him if you desire the extra oomph in your life. The Holy brings with Him the total package which is described as the fruits of the Holy Spirit in Gal 5:22-23."but the fruit of the Spirit is Love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self control. Against such there is no law.
Spice up your life with these basic truths and the result is breathtaking.You simply can't have too much of these  ingredients to live the truly good life. Truth is we have some of these fruits already resident in us but we need the holy spirit to enhance the deposit. The Holy Spirit is the difference between bland and absolutely victorious.

Remember the disciples remained ordinary until they experienced the outpouring of the Holy Spirit in the Upper room in Act 2. Peter went from ministering a to few believers to converting over three thousand persons in one day. Wow! Don't you just want that?
 Don't waste any more time living a defeated  life, get the extra spice and enrich your life!
As for my Jollof rice, I'm so proud of it but I'll keep the ingredients secret for

Friday, 17 October 2014


Yeepie, its Friday! The official wind-down day of the week. If Friday is the wind-down day of the week, it goes to say say the rest of the week are highly fret with with stress and worries. However this is not a healthy way to live. Imagine enjoying just three days out of seven. Absolutely appalling!  God created man to enjoy every day. Everyday should be exciting and it starts from the mind and choices we make.It has nothing to do with your surrounding environment or circumstances but entirely up to you. Neither is it a factor of what day of the week it happens to be. "this is the day the lord has made, i will rejoice and be glad in it" Psalm 118:24.  Rejoice everyday no matter what day is depicted on the calender.  The same level of energy that is used to build up excitement on a Friday can be applied to our lives daily not just the weekends.  ITS A MATTER OF CHOICE.  Don't just trudge through the week, create glory moments in every knotty situation. Not even sandpaper (abrasive) relationships should make you lose your essence. They are in your life to smooth out the rough edges.
Make it a habit to be thankful everyday but for today lets THANK GOD ITS FRIDAY for the right reasons and from a right perspective.
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Thursday, 16 October 2014

Bounce back with a BANG.

The summer months slipped quickly with many wondering as usual the swiftness of time. For me,the memories of the long sunny days are filled with every adventure but exercise and diet. Those plans and accompanying goals swiftly went out the window with my winter Jackets. It was ice cream season peep! lots and lots of flavours and toppings. Not to mention barbecue parties and so on. *sigh*

  Summer is gone now and its back to the rigours of exercise and healthy living. After the long break exercise became more pain than pleasure. The pains in my joint were testimony of over indulgence during the holiday. I could barely  get my skinny legs to obey me how much more do a trot. The thought of giving up never even crossed my mind. If I was "silly" enough to be distracted then I should be bold enough to pick up where I left off with my goals in sight.

It is not inhuman to lose track of our goals and be distracted like we sometimes do.  We've all been there and some  might even be right there at the moment. "do not be surprised at the fiery trial that you are going through as if something strange were opening to you" 1 peter 4;12. But its crucial to weigh the consequences of our slight detour against the benefits of getting back in line with our vision and remaining focused.

If like me you've experienced a diversion, it is imperative that you get back with the programme and move on. It might be difficult at the beginning but it'll eventually get better. It might be slow but if you don't give up, you'll pick up pace.
Don't let errors of the past keep you from moving forward. ITS TIME TO BOUNCE BACK WITH A BANG. Not even a failed relationship, job loss or financial mistakes can hold you bound except you allow it. There is glory in your future that the past cannot hold a candle to

With that in mind, I picked up my pace as I walked and it eventually became a trot and now I AM RUNNING AGAIN.

Monday, 13 October 2014

Keeping your focus

Editor's Note: Focus is key to success. It is an indispensable strategy and element if we want to make good  any vision that lies in front of us. It is also a necessary ingredient for any Christian to live an effective and impactful life. Distractions come in different packaging, the responsibility is on you to recognise them for what they are and bin them fast.  The Holy Spirit our helper is likened to the Dove because one of the attributes of this bird is its singular vision. The dove has two eyes but has a single focus. So we need to see with a single vision just like the holy spirit. Concentrate your energy on the work at hand and disregard the wanton distractions. Nehemiah is such an exemplary figure on how to deal with distractions and remaining focused. Sometimes the distraction is found in the past. Learn how to keep focused with this beautiful, well written article by pastor Greg Laurie of Harvest Ministries.

Pst Greg laurie

Be Blessed.Read Here

Choose HAPPY.

No, the lady in the first picture is not me. I wish!
The next picture looks more like
The battle of the flabs is taking too long abi? I get frustrated sometimes too.
In a bid to shift the belly flab, I went for my normal exercise this morning. Exercise for the body, music for the soul remember? At least according to my Physical Education teacher back in secondary school. I was so engrossed putting one leg after the other that I did not notice the man on the bicycle until he shouted a boisterous greeting that startled me. He rode away barely missing a stride while I mumbled a response in return. With a smile, he busted into an Irish melody and whistled away oblivious to the cold weather.

Many things came to my mind as I continued my walk and top on the list was the whistling stranger.  His high spirits did not match his appearance. He looked very unkempt with very shaggy beards and somewhat dirty clothings. It wasn't a work-dirty look, more like a lack-dirty-look. There was nothing about him to even suggest "secret millionaire", I would have known(I have an inbuilt raider for these

He was singing this very catchy lively song but his circumstances was contrary. It didn't matter that the weather was cold and nippy, my new friend chose happy over dreary. He could have chosen to be morose despairing on whatever was wrong with his life but instead he chose to enjoy the day and spread his joy by shouting a warm greeting to a strange woman battling to shed her belly fat. 
This strange encounter reminds me of what scripture says about happiness. It is devoid of the circumstances around us whether good or bad but founded on the truth of God's Word "Whoever trusts in the lord, happy is he"Proverbs 16:20.
If happiness was determined by circumstances and stuffs, what poor fellows we are indeed. For such people life will be frustrating because circumstances change. "weeping may last for a night but joy comes with the morning" psalm 30:5. Basing your joy on transient situations is an unstable way to live. So instead of wallowing on what you have or don't have, the storms that are raging in your life, the situations you may not be able to handle at the moment, chose Happy.
I finished my walk with a new bounce to my feet grateful to be alive belly fat or not. Instead of complaining I am spurred to LIVE HAPPY.

Saturday, 11 October 2014

Nothing To Fear Afterall

I dreaded going to the hospital primarily because the doctors will always have something to say about my blood sugar levels. The readings were defying regular intervention despite regular  exercises and my genuine attempt to eat well. This particular day was no different. I was nervous as I approached the nurses station. My palms were sweaty and I wondered why I'd not fainted yet as my heart beat was beating erratically.

 I'd been battling high sugar levels since my teenage years. Although I was not officially diagnosed with diabetes back then, my sugar level tend to creep up when I worried or was sick but nobody took it seriously. Gestational diabetes changed the diagnoses and its been a challenge since.Now you know why I panic at the sight of a medical appointment. However,I decided to do things differently following years of "diabetic intimidation. I got tired of letting diabetes control my happiness or the sight of a medical appointment sending jitters down my spine.
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 With a smile and a little prayer, I went in to see the doctor. Waiting for any result is never easy but eventually the results came and the readings were normal. My best results in years. I'd not checked my sugar levels in months so had not noticed when the changes took place but it had. I'd been worrying over an issue that was no longer threatening. Fear stopped me from checking my sugars and same fear robbed me off joy every time I ate an extra apple or ate my favourite meal.
Fear is described with the acronym False Evidence Appearing Real. Its an evidence that is false despite its appearance. My new favourite pastor Jentezen Franklyn helped me understand this concept of fear better. He explained that when Jacob was presented with the blood soaked coat belonging to his son Joseph,he believed the evidence before him and wept many days. "And he recognised it and said "it is my son's tunic. A wild beast has devoured him. Without doubt Joseph is torn to pieces".
Jacob was deceived by what he saw but his son was alive as he would find out years later.  He spent days bound in mourning based on a false evidence appearing real.
I also found interesting the Israelites encounter with Goliath in 1 Samuel 17. This gigantic bulk of a man would come out every morning to bully the Israelites. "for forty days the Philistine came forward every morning and evening and took his place" Vrs 16.
Notice he did nothing but intimidate the Israelites for forty good days without actually making good on his threats. For forty days the Israelites cowered before this bully who was all air. At the end of it all, it took a single sling shot from a simple shepherd boy to knock him down. BAM!!
If we look closely at the things that bother us through the lens of scriptures we find that there is really nothing to fear afterall. God has taken care of everything.
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I no longer fear checking my sugar levels because now I know diabetes aint the boss of me. I do my part eating well and exercising and trust the word of God for the rest.
Don't let fear rid you of the opportunity to enjoy life. Fear is crippling. Don't be a victim. Like David bring out your sling shot which stands for the word of God and bring that Giant toppling down.

Thursday, 9 October 2014

Staying On Track with Your Bible study Plans.

Starring at me were several apps on my phone to help keep track of my bible study plans for the year. Some read 14% completed while others ranged between 20 to 35%.  As these numbers glared at me I guiltily starred back. The numbers reflected another bad effort to completely finish a study plan. Of course I study my bible but I would love to strictly adhere to these bible plans without that nagging guilty feeling of incompetence.
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Truth is I want to be able to boast that I started and actually finished the Every girls's desire is to be a good bible study girl simply both to please the lord and have an effective Christian life. But somehow these good intentions get swept under the tidal wave of school runs, work and several activities hence the guilt trip. Excuses taken and pushed aside, nothing should take the place of an effective bible study. It is crucial to a successful relationship with the lord.
 Bible study should not be a chore but an enjoyable endeavour, acceptable and pleasing to the lord. It's full of treasures and therein  lies the map. SEE IT AS AN ADVENTURE WAITING TO BE EXPLORED. It's a love letter from a devoted lover to his beloved. I just love love letters and I love adventures so my bible gets all the angles covered. Its THE TOTAL PACKAGE covering issues such as finances, marriage, leadership, health, social responsibility. you name its, its all there.
Given its importance, it is essential therefore with the help of the Holy spirit to have an effective bible study strategy. I found this article by Editors very useful and had to share.
Follow this link to read more on bible study tools

What Is The Glory Of The Lord

Culture is such an interesting topic. No matter the society every culture is immensely rich and largely diverse. In traditional Yoruba society a king does not enter a gathering anonymously but is heralded with much pomp and pageantry. The richer the king, the louder the herald. This is similar in every empire where there are kings and queens in authority. I never use to understand what the fuss was all about as a kid while watching movies that had royalty in them. Remember Coming to America?...Hilarious! I still laugh hard at the scene of the maidens pouring rose petals on the floor for the prince to walk on.  A king's attire and entourage is a reflection of his status. He must be resplendent in both carriage and appearance irrespective of the occasion. The larger the entourage, the greater the king. All the display of opulence and splendour are part of his grandeur presence.  There must be no mistake about a king's identity, it speaks for itself. God's kingship is evident by His authority, grace, love, mercy, presence, wisdom; you can't but notice Him. "Who is like to you oh Lord, among the gods? who is like you, glorious in holiness, fearful in praises,doing wonders" Deutronomy 3:24.
The glory of God is everything that makes God. Enjoy this brilliant article by best selling author and Pastor, John Bevere.
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 Read the article here

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Where to Look in Dark Times

Editor's Note: I met the most amazing woman some months ago who greatly inspired me. I cannot recollect her name as I type this article but I remember her story clearly which is what truly matters. Three times divorced, widowed, physically and emotionally abused and mother to seven children, her story seemed like a never ending tale of pain and sadness. Despite the plenty upheavals in her life, this amazing woman was able to achieve a life time dream of being a solicitor. It took her years and lots of heartaches, rejections and wrong turns but she arrived at her goal. She spends most of her time inspiring women all over the world that "life is possible" despite the plans of the enemy. A lot of people desire her life now but many would shy short of the dark times she went through. Your ability to trust God in the dark times is key to promotion and success.
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 I remember this amazing woman today after I read this brilliant article by Ken Puls which focuses on where to look when the path seemed dark and endless. Many times when challenges comes many people worry, panic, do everything else but turn to God. Follow this link to read more

Vengeance is the Lord's

Kate and Janet were arguing over nothing but it was nothing that suddenly turned into something nasty. Everything just spiralled out of control with both parties shouting obscenities and threatening fire and brimstones at each other. Eventually the two "tigresses" were separated but not without the final heated parting shots and snapping of fingers. No fight is complete in down town "Abule Ijesha" without the requisite snapping of fingers. Its a gesture which means "this is not over yet", "I'll get back at you".(wonder how anybody that grew in that environment turned out
It's a wounded party telling the other "I'LL BE BACK".
The snapping of fingers after a fight implies a threat to hurt the person who has inflicted the hurt. Its a call for retribution or vengeance.
vengeance seems like a plausible response to a hurt. It suggests that when someone hurts you, you should give them their just dessert. In fact the concept of vengeance is so popular that it was running theme in most Asian movies back in the days. For instance, child witnesses the murder of his parents and grows to kill the murderers. The offended party is so wrapped up in seeking vengeance that nothing else matters! Vengeance becomes a consuming virus that drives the person until the goal is achieved.

 We've all been hurt by others and hopefully not as much as depicted in the fictional movie Kill Bill (the movie is one of my all time favourite) but we all have a choice on how to respond to other people's abominable behaviours.

 David was no stranger to hurt. His life was constantly under threat so much he had a bounty placed on his head by Saul. However, when David got an opportunity to inflict hurt on his enemy he bowed out. Instead of killing his oppressor, he spared Saul's life. Read 1 Samuel 24. The natural inclination would have been to kill his enemy but David didn't. David's action is a precursor of what Jesus did on the cross of Calvary-extend forgiveness to God's enemies.
I am no stranger to hurts and betrayal but there is no room in my life for anger, bitterness, strife or retaliation (it has absolutely nothing to do with fact that I will be beaten to a pulp by the smallest opponent...I NO FIT FIGHT BIKO).

Life is too short to be consumed by negative emotions. Its a waste of energy. Your part in any toxic situation is to forgive and let God deal with the rest. Let God fight your battles. He is better equipped.

Invitation To The Good Life

If you are familiar with African music , you must have heard the song "Chop My Money". It  is a secular hit song by celebrated Nigerian duo artist P-Square which gets good air play and rotes at parties. There is just no avoiding it! The moment the D Jay plays the song "everyone" mechanically jumps to to their feet and do the "Chop My Money dance". Its kindda hilarious to watch the way people jostle to burst "the move".

"Chop My Money" literally means "come and enjoy my wealth". It's an open invitation  from a guy to his girl to enjoy his wealth unchecked and without any reserve. Isn't that every girls dream? Limitless supply and no one checking and constraining how she spends.

 24/7 access and availability. Free with no strings attached? Sounds like the good life. GIMME! GIMME!! GIMME!!
Truth is, as appealing and interesting as P-Square's invitation is I have to decline! I must be crazy abi! You see the money being described here can only buy perishables like cars, clothes, food e.t.c. Material pleasures that are tangible and transient i.e. here today and gone tomorrow and never really satisfying .
Its not really a matter of greed, its simply because  material needs are insatiable. That is why its "natural" to desire a better care, laptop, houses and even a 2. 0 model
Moreover  there is only so much that money can buy. Money can buy education but does not guarantee success. It cannot buy happiness, fulfilment, peace, health, safety, trust, love, satisfaction and salvation. These are things that really matter, things of eternal value-Priceless. However, I know an offer that is all encompassing.
 This offer covers both the tangible and intangible; to cap it all its INTRANSIENT. Its like wearing clothes that are always in season, not susceptible to passing whims and caprices! Nobody can give you the world as  Man himself is transient "man is like a mere breath; his days are like passing shadow" Psalm 144:4.  A human being can get up one morning and suddenly withdraw privileges earlier given to another just like Pharaoh did in the book of exodus. He told the Israelites they were free to leave only to wake up the next day to renege on his promise and letting all hell break loose.
illustration by IIene Richard on

  It could be exhausting and nerve wrecking to experience the upheavals of such fickleness. It is only God that is unchanging. His invite is different and addresses the issues that really matter.
"come all who are thirsty 
come to the waters;
and you who have no money
come buy and eat
come, buy wine and milk
without money and without cost
why spend money on what is not bread
and your labour what does not satisfy
Listen, listen to me and eat what is good
and you will delight in the riches of fare. 
Isaiah 55:1-2 is the genuine invitation to the good life as it offers the best of both worlds. If you love freebies like me, then you're in the right place. IT IS ABSOLUTELY FREE AND YOU ARE INVITED.