Tuesday, 28 October 2014

What is the Hullabaloo about marriage.

Editor's Note: For many reasons I am unrushed about getting married. This is despite finding the fifth grey hair on my head last Monday. I called them my wisdom strands..lol. I am particularly blessed to belong to a family who have never pressured me into getting married. Could it be because I already have a kid and have somewhat fulfilled that grand requirement?(would have to ask my dad..lol). Unfortunately, not all ladies my age are that lucky. Most women are under both society and family pressures to get married and end up making very poor decisions. A lot of marriages are rife with frustrated and very unhappy couples "bound" in the marriage circle. This in turn creates a toxic situation that negatively impact the society at large. I would love to be married someday but definitely for the right reasons. Not even my "wisdom strands" would cause me to make that leap without proper considerations as I strongly believe that marriage is a covenant relationship between matured adults and not babies. It has a purpose therefore should be purpose driven. My very artistic baby sister wrote this brilliant article about marriage and her insightful take on the matter is worth reading. Vickie Mamalet Otono is creative writer with Kurioucity Ltd. She is a great cook too..lol. Watch out Ramsey!
Enjoy the article Here

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