Thursday, 9 October 2014

Staying On Track with Your Bible study Plans.

Starring at me were several apps on my phone to help keep track of my bible study plans for the year. Some read 14% completed while others ranged between 20 to 35%.  As these numbers glared at me I guiltily starred back. The numbers reflected another bad effort to completely finish a study plan. Of course I study my bible but I would love to strictly adhere to these bible plans without that nagging guilty feeling of incompetence.
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Truth is I want to be able to boast that I started and actually finished the Every girls's desire is to be a good bible study girl simply both to please the lord and have an effective Christian life. But somehow these good intentions get swept under the tidal wave of school runs, work and several activities hence the guilt trip. Excuses taken and pushed aside, nothing should take the place of an effective bible study. It is crucial to a successful relationship with the lord.
 Bible study should not be a chore but an enjoyable endeavour, acceptable and pleasing to the lord. It's full of treasures and therein  lies the map. SEE IT AS AN ADVENTURE WAITING TO BE EXPLORED. It's a love letter from a devoted lover to his beloved. I just love love letters and I love adventures so my bible gets all the angles covered. Its THE TOTAL PACKAGE covering issues such as finances, marriage, leadership, health, social responsibility. you name its, its all there.
Given its importance, it is essential therefore with the help of the Holy spirit to have an effective bible study strategy. I found this article by Editors very useful and had to share.
Follow this link to read more on bible study tools

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