Monday, 20 October 2014

The power of the extra spice

Without shame or any form of remorse, I admit I'm not close to being an average cook.  Infact I lack the basic female cooking gene!  I am gifted with two left hands in the kitchen and an unresponsive taste bud!! Before I embark on the simplest cooking voyage, I have in my mind's eye a picture of the most amazing, taste bud defying meal but despite my best efforts it turns out  blah for want of a better description. Can't wait for the invention of those futuristic  magic food pills that you can simply pop into the microwave and the result is the most gratifying mouth watering dish ever. Seriously, I mean a three course meal in a single pill.

Unabashed by my seeming lack of cooking drive or ability, I blazed into the kitchen to whip up my crave for day, THE AMAZING JOLLOF RICE.

 Like everyone in planet food lovers, I adore jollof rice, in fact its my Kryptonite.  It has the ability to turn this super woman to mush. I can dance the Irish Jig for free at the Dublin city centre on a cold day without a coat just for a plate of this delightful dish.

While digging up my not so secret ingredients, I decided to do something differently today. I had this "enlightening" idea to add extra spice to my pot of wonder. I am quite basic when cooking maybe that's why my cooking has been poorly. But not today, I went the extra mile of spicing my jollof with my now secret ingredient and the result was astonishing!

 I must confess, I truly have outdone myself. Ironically, some of the ingredients had been in my kitchen cupboard all this time while the others were bought during my last shopping but they all worked out well.

Like my previous attempt at jollof rice, a lot of Christians are just as bland-Nothing to distinguish them from the average unbeliever. They live and talk the same defeatist talk like every other person. Unfortunately, unlike the unbelievers what the believing child of God requires to live an extraordinary life is within him or her and within reach. It takes the desire and extra effort to achieve that level. All you need is the extra spice.

In my kitchen adventure, I realised I had the head knowledge of how to cook jollof rice even have some of the extra ingredients but when it got to actual execution, the result were far from perfect. However, with an extra pince of salt and other spices my jollof rice is sort of a master piece.
For the believer the secret ingredient and extra spice for a victorious life is THE HOLY SPIRIT.
 The Holy spirit is not the only the extra spice HE IS THE MAIN SPICE.There is just no doing without Him if you desire the extra oomph in your life. The Holy brings with Him the total package which is described as the fruits of the Holy Spirit in Gal 5:22-23."but the fruit of the Spirit is Love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self control. Against such there is no law.
Spice up your life with these basic truths and the result is breathtaking.You simply can't have too much of these  ingredients to live the truly good life. Truth is we have some of these fruits already resident in us but we need the holy spirit to enhance the deposit. The Holy Spirit is the difference between bland and absolutely victorious.

Remember the disciples remained ordinary until they experienced the outpouring of the Holy Spirit in the Upper room in Act 2. Peter went from ministering a to few believers to converting over three thousand persons in one day. Wow! Don't you just want that?
 Don't waste any more time living a defeated  life, get the extra spice and enrich your life!
As for my Jollof rice, I'm so proud of it but I'll keep the ingredients secret for

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