Friday, 17 October 2014


Yeepie, its Friday! The official wind-down day of the week. If Friday is the wind-down day of the week, it goes to say say the rest of the week are highly fret with with stress and worries. However this is not a healthy way to live. Imagine enjoying just three days out of seven. Absolutely appalling!  God created man to enjoy every day. Everyday should be exciting and it starts from the mind and choices we make.It has nothing to do with your surrounding environment or circumstances but entirely up to you. Neither is it a factor of what day of the week it happens to be. "this is the day the lord has made, i will rejoice and be glad in it" Psalm 118:24.  Rejoice everyday no matter what day is depicted on the calender.  The same level of energy that is used to build up excitement on a Friday can be applied to our lives daily not just the weekends.  ITS A MATTER OF CHOICE.  Don't just trudge through the week, create glory moments in every knotty situation. Not even sandpaper (abrasive) relationships should make you lose your essence. They are in your life to smooth out the rough edges.
Make it a habit to be thankful everyday but for today lets THANK GOD ITS FRIDAY for the right reasons and from a right perspective.
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