Tuesday, 28 October 2014

What's Your Story

How I wish I was like Daniel who was so faithful to the Lord that his enemies could not find any accusation against him. Just like Jesus, they had to make up accusations against him so that he would be sentenced to death. Unfortunately, I am not Daniel. I have inherent flaws some more obvious than others. More often than not, I find myself hiding like Gideon in a cave too scared of the "Midianites" to venture out. Like Zechariah more filled with questions than faith asking "how can this be?" or even Sarah who laughed more in disbelief at the promise than with disrespect. David was an adulterer, Moses Murdered, Abraham lied, Rahab was a prostitute, Noah got drunk,
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Elijah was depressed and Lazarus was dead. In all these people, I see a reflection of myself-imperfect and flawed but God found use for them. While men see imperfections God sees potentials. God is in the business of supernatural transformation. Out of these imperfect people God raised great leaders. The bible is such a rich book filled with true stories of ordinary men and women who were prone to the same challenges and emotional tumoils as we. No pretence! No holds barred revelation of how they dealt with life issues and overcame. They say men don't cry but the psalms gives many instances of how David wept and overcame low moments in his life. Abraham's concubine was told to return to her mistress and be submissive not arrogant in dealing with marital issues. The great Apostle Paul drove the campaign to persecute the early church-talk about passion.  Peter betrayed his friend and teacher not once but thrice  and Judas was the ultimate sell-out!! Not to mention Jesus' earthly lineage was dysfunctional. So what's your story. It doesn't matter where you are at the moment there is hope in your future. Remember its not about you but the GOD IN YOU. God is not seeking for perfect people but men who have a desire for Him and sincerely seek Him. If God can use a formally demon possessed person to preach the gospel, He can use you. God believes in you, believe in you too. I DO.

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