Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Where to Look in Dark Times

Editor's Note: I met the most amazing woman some months ago who greatly inspired me. I cannot recollect her name as I type this article but I remember her story clearly which is what truly matters. Three times divorced, widowed, physically and emotionally abused and mother to seven children, her story seemed like a never ending tale of pain and sadness. Despite the plenty upheavals in her life, this amazing woman was able to achieve a life time dream of being a solicitor. It took her years and lots of heartaches, rejections and wrong turns but she arrived at her goal. She spends most of her time inspiring women all over the world that "life is possible" despite the plans of the enemy. A lot of people desire her life now but many would shy short of the dark times she went through. Your ability to trust God in the dark times is key to promotion and success.
photo by www.freedigitalphoto.net
 I remember this amazing woman today after I read this brilliant article by Ken Puls which focuses on where to look when the path seemed dark and endless. Many times when challenges comes many people worry, panic, do everything else but turn to God. Follow this link to read more

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