Sunday, 13 September 2015

Change starts with you

We all have dreams of changing the world but the greatest change starts with you. As an agent of change, you must be transformed first. You must be your  own first test client so you can testify on the veracity of your claim.

 I was at a business pitch for a product the other day and couldnt help but notice the complexion of the sales person. She had such amazing skin so it wasn't difficult to convince me about the products, I had fallen already! Her glowing skin captivated me and I wanted what she had. If I could take off her skin and wear it, I would have!!
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Before Apostle Paul could go about preaching the gospel of salvation, he had a firsthand, genuine encounter with Jesus on the road to Damascus Acts 9:9-19. When people saw him after his encounter with the lord, they knew something had changed.
Change is not an illusion, it is evident.
I can never forget an episode of "Britain's got talent". A woman walked on stage and said she could teach the audience how to make a million pounds to which Simon Cowell asked if she had one million pounds and she responded 'No'. The end you can envisage, Simon told her to get off the stage. You cant gift what you don't have!

The word of God is a change agent and it start with its carrier. The word of God has a roller coaster effect and it starts with you. It started with a group of people huddled in a small room at pentecost and spread to thousands who'd gathered in the city.
The Bible is full of individuals who were willing to change and in return brought change to generations.  Are you ready for change? Remember, it starts with you! Be the change that you preach.
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How to be a change agent

  • Be the change that you preach. Don't say one thing and be another
  • Lead by example.
  • Be passionate about your calling and purpose.
  • Be focused
  • Know your limits but don't limit yourself 
  • Engage others...Change is impact full when it involves others.
  • Don't be afraid to drive change.
  • Change is about different.

Thursday, 10 September 2015

Before you take that bait. ......THINK

Adam and Eve learnt the hard way the devastating consequences of sin when they fell for the enemy's bait, hook, line and sinker!  Our first family got more than they bargained for after they took the bite off that "fruit".
Photo credit: www.answers in genesis. Org.
They lost their esteemed position of authority  amongst God's creation and the beautiful comfort of their home. God's original purpose was that man would live  in eternal fellowship with Him in a world devoid of pain but when sin crept in that plan went belly up!! (Hindered but not destroyed). Sin hurts!! Sin drove a wedge between man and his creator.
But the story does not end there thankfully.  The boundaries set in the word of God are meant to protect not cramp our style. The command " you must not eat from the tree of knowledge of good and evil"  with their obedience was the edge that protected Adam and Eve till they broke it. Sin kills!! There is no pleasure outside God and His Word. " there is a way that appears to be right but in the end it leads to death" Proverbs 14:12.
Sin destroys!! After a wrong deed is done and the euphoria of conquest dissipates, what is left is like a sour taste at the back of one's throat with dire consequense and that's putting in it lightly.

Truth is, sin will cost you! It will cost you your peace, honour, relationships, health. Sin comes with a price-a deadly one at that!
So how can we escape the conundrum of sin? How can man differenciate between right and wrong? The answer is simply through God's  Word and the Holy Spirit.

"When Jesus ascended into heaven, He sent the Holy Spirit to be our guide. We need Him! We need his guidance to make wise choices and not become trapped by sin that hurts us and damages our relationship with Jesus. The Holy Spirit is with us, available all day long with the wisdom we need to live the rich and satisfying life Jesus wants for us"  Lynn Cowell.
God's plan for his children has not changed. The abundant life of unbroken fellowship is possible with the help of the Holy Spirit. So before you take that bait, before you eat that proverbial "forbidden fruit,put it down and reconsider the consequence. Before you make that decision, think twice,  It'll do you good.

  • Flee temptation...don't argue or try to browbit the situation 
  • Identify areas of weakness 
  • Seek Godly help and counsel. Create an accountability network. 
  • Think of the long term concequence.
  • Take yourself out of the situation .. 2 Timothy 2:22
  • Pray
  • Measure your action in line with God's word.
  • Remember you can't do it alone.
  • Depend on the Holy Spirit for guidance, wisdom and help.

Friday, 4 September 2015


I grew up reading comic books. These books about people with super human strength were my escape from  reality. I wanted more from life as a child and my comic books provided these alternate reality
I was fascinated by the comic characters who could move things at the blink of an eye, fly,live under water or even be at two places at the same time.  I was even more fascinated with the fact that these super humans were as different as their powers.  Superman had a red cape and could fly while spiderman wore a spandex outfit and swung from building to building with a spider Web. They also came about their powers in different ways.  Superman was born a super hero while spiderman was bitten by a genetically modified spider. Most of the superheros  I read about were aliens while others were normal people going about their regular businesses when life happened to them e.g the fantastic four, cat woman etc. But there is also  a group of superheroes who assumed the role of "citizens police" when they noticed a need in society e.g Batman and Robin. In addition being a superhero cut across gender, age and race. In reality people fall under the different categories of super heroes.  While the focus most times are tuned towards the men, a growing number of women are daily breaking boundaries. Ordinary women who in their different fields of endeavour have impacted lives with their skills and talents. Some were born as superheroes, some are accidental superheroes while others assumed the cape.
On the 19th of September, a group of women aptly named "Sheroes" will be celebrated at the Sheroes Awards night for their indelible contributions in the areas of politics, Charity, fashion,sports, entertainment, business, and events.
It's going to be more than a glamorous affair, it's celebrating  women who inspire, influence and impact.
Fact is women don't get celebrated much particular women that make a difference in society and that's what Sheroes is all about.

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Do Over.

Wow! It's amazing how time flies. Seemed just like yesterday when the new year was ushered in. Well, it is  said time does fly when you're having fun and its been an amazing year but it's not over yet
 So welcome to the month of September.
 I'm excited about this month because of what the lord has in store for me. I have an amazing word from the lord and i'm hankering to share  with you but you have to be patient. Remember,  patience is a virture, a fruit of the holy spirit and fruits are good for you..TRUTH.

Today is a beautiful day and it's not simply because of the weather. It's beautiful because of the assurance in God's word and His presence, nothing else does. It is  beautiful because we've been given the opportunity to make right the errors of yesterday.  You see yesterday started on a crazy note for me. For reasons I can't begin to explain, I thought my son was back in school on the 31st. Unlike his usual happy self, he woke up cranky and reluctant to take his bath which in turn got me cranky and crazy. I screamed, he screamed and the whole situation went downhill. Given my son's peculiar needs, this wasn't  a great way to start school!  Stomping down the stairs like  naughty child, my eyes caught his school calender on the wall and I realised my error. Josh's resumption date was 1st of September not 31st of August,silly mummy! Believe me it felt like i'd like i'd won the lottery! This over zealous mum apologised to her Lil boy and made up with his favourite meal. I was happy for a lot of reason but chiefly because I'd been given the chance to start the first day of school all over again.
Don't we all love a fresh start? A new beginning devoid of drama in whatever form. A new day brings it with a fresh perspective and an opportunity to make right the wrongs of yesterday or improve on the goodness enjoyed. "With man this is impossible but with God ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE " Matthew 19:26. A do over is nigh impossible with man but with God its easy peasy!  However, God will not force His will on you but requires your invitation and cooperation. Don't waste today. This new month is a gift; it's like a blank canvass and you hold the brushes and paint to colour it in the varied and vibrant colours of the rainbow. Let the holy Spirit guide your hands. Embrace every opportunity. Forget the past and love a little more. Be adventurous.
Are are you ready for a do over? How badly do you want a change? If you are ready  I am. Let's get started.
Tips for a do over.

  • Be tired of the old toxic thinking and bad attitude 
  • Get rid of stinking thinking and unproductive emotions, relationships 
  • Be ready and accept change.
  • Laugh more, stress less. " be anxious for nothing " Phil 4:6-7
  •  Choose the company you keep " he that walks with the wise shall be wise but the companion of fools will suffer harm" Proverbs 13:20.
  • Do something that makes you happy. ie  exercise, learn new skills, etc.
  • Live for a purpose. Discover your purpose and pursue it
  • Live passionately and purposefully. 
Let the transformation begin!!!