Friday, 4 September 2015


I grew up reading comic books. These books about people with super human strength were my escape from  reality. I wanted more from life as a child and my comic books provided these alternate reality
I was fascinated by the comic characters who could move things at the blink of an eye, fly,live under water or even be at two places at the same time.  I was even more fascinated with the fact that these super humans were as different as their powers.  Superman had a red cape and could fly while spiderman wore a spandex outfit and swung from building to building with a spider Web. They also came about their powers in different ways.  Superman was born a super hero while spiderman was bitten by a genetically modified spider. Most of the superheros  I read about were aliens while others were normal people going about their regular businesses when life happened to them e.g the fantastic four, cat woman etc. But there is also  a group of superheroes who assumed the role of "citizens police" when they noticed a need in society e.g Batman and Robin. In addition being a superhero cut across gender, age and race. In reality people fall under the different categories of super heroes.  While the focus most times are tuned towards the men, a growing number of women are daily breaking boundaries. Ordinary women who in their different fields of endeavour have impacted lives with their skills and talents. Some were born as superheroes, some are accidental superheroes while others assumed the cape.
On the 19th of September, a group of women aptly named "Sheroes" will be celebrated at the Sheroes Awards night for their indelible contributions in the areas of politics, Charity, fashion,sports, entertainment, business, and events.
It's going to be more than a glamorous affair, it's celebrating  women who inspire, influence and impact.
Fact is women don't get celebrated much particular women that make a difference in society and that's what Sheroes is all about.

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