Sunday, 13 September 2015

Change starts with you

We all have dreams of changing the world but the greatest change starts with you. As an agent of change, you must be transformed first. You must be your  own first test client so you can testify on the veracity of your claim.

 I was at a business pitch for a product the other day and couldnt help but notice the complexion of the sales person. She had such amazing skin so it wasn't difficult to convince me about the products, I had fallen already! Her glowing skin captivated me and I wanted what she had. If I could take off her skin and wear it, I would have!!
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Before Apostle Paul could go about preaching the gospel of salvation, he had a firsthand, genuine encounter with Jesus on the road to Damascus Acts 9:9-19. When people saw him after his encounter with the lord, they knew something had changed.
Change is not an illusion, it is evident.
I can never forget an episode of "Britain's got talent". A woman walked on stage and said she could teach the audience how to make a million pounds to which Simon Cowell asked if she had one million pounds and she responded 'No'. The end you can envisage, Simon told her to get off the stage. You cant gift what you don't have!

The word of God is a change agent and it start with its carrier. The word of God has a roller coaster effect and it starts with you. It started with a group of people huddled in a small room at pentecost and spread to thousands who'd gathered in the city.
The Bible is full of individuals who were willing to change and in return brought change to generations.  Are you ready for change? Remember, it starts with you! Be the change that you preach.
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How to be a change agent

  • Be the change that you preach. Don't say one thing and be another
  • Lead by example.
  • Be passionate about your calling and purpose.
  • Be focused
  • Know your limits but don't limit yourself 
  • Engage others...Change is impact full when it involves others.
  • Don't be afraid to drive change.
  • Change is about different.

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