Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Mind your pace

During my morning walk, a young lady jogged past me with such gusto that I literally felt the wind rush past..lol. For a brief moment, I envied her. I wished I could run like she did but I couldn't. I couldn't because of a knee injury I sustained during exercise some years back.

 Any form of serious exercise would be foolhardy  on my part as it would only aggravate my already sore knee.  So you see, I can't run or jog like my 'friend' but I could walk and walk I did! NO EXCUSES!! Imagine my surprise a couple of miles later when I ran into my jogging friend ...Again! Remember she'd jogged past me but fast forward a couple of minutes later  and we meet again. She was running while I walked but we still managed to run into each other. If i'd known I would eventually catch up with her,  I wouldn't have wasted that brief emotion envying her! ....although I was not in competition with her neither she me.  Envying her was not even necessary

 Though we are strangers, the ultimate goal is the same- KEEP FIT. She was jogging her way to a better and healthier lifestyle while I was walking to mine. She might get to her destination faster but as long as I dont give up and maintained my pace, I WILL GET THERE TOO. Life is a journey and all of us are on that journey. While some are walking, others are running, jogging or even sauntering along the way. The most important fact is to keep moving and never forget the destination. Dont get stuck in a rot, keep moving and MIND YOUR PACE.
  • Acknowledge your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Keep step in tandem with your strength and abilities...yours not another. Remember we are framed /wired differently.
  • Don't envy or give room for Jealousy. 
  • You are not in a competition with others.
  • Your journey is personal 
  • Remain focused on your path.
  • Mind your pace.
  • Make no excuses make use of what you have no matter how little or insignificant it might seem to you..IT MATTERS.

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