Thursday, 16 October 2014

Bounce back with a BANG.

The summer months slipped quickly with many wondering as usual the swiftness of time. For me,the memories of the long sunny days are filled with every adventure but exercise and diet. Those plans and accompanying goals swiftly went out the window with my winter Jackets. It was ice cream season peep! lots and lots of flavours and toppings. Not to mention barbecue parties and so on. *sigh*

  Summer is gone now and its back to the rigours of exercise and healthy living. After the long break exercise became more pain than pleasure. The pains in my joint were testimony of over indulgence during the holiday. I could barely  get my skinny legs to obey me how much more do a trot. The thought of giving up never even crossed my mind. If I was "silly" enough to be distracted then I should be bold enough to pick up where I left off with my goals in sight.

It is not inhuman to lose track of our goals and be distracted like we sometimes do.  We've all been there and some  might even be right there at the moment. "do not be surprised at the fiery trial that you are going through as if something strange were opening to you" 1 peter 4;12. But its crucial to weigh the consequences of our slight detour against the benefits of getting back in line with our vision and remaining focused.

If like me you've experienced a diversion, it is imperative that you get back with the programme and move on. It might be difficult at the beginning but it'll eventually get better. It might be slow but if you don't give up, you'll pick up pace.
Don't let errors of the past keep you from moving forward. ITS TIME TO BOUNCE BACK WITH A BANG. Not even a failed relationship, job loss or financial mistakes can hold you bound except you allow it. There is glory in your future that the past cannot hold a candle to

With that in mind, I picked up my pace as I walked and it eventually became a trot and now I AM RUNNING AGAIN.

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