Monday, 13 October 2014

Choose HAPPY.

No, the lady in the first picture is not me. I wish!
The next picture looks more like
The battle of the flabs is taking too long abi? I get frustrated sometimes too.
In a bid to shift the belly flab, I went for my normal exercise this morning. Exercise for the body, music for the soul remember? At least according to my Physical Education teacher back in secondary school. I was so engrossed putting one leg after the other that I did not notice the man on the bicycle until he shouted a boisterous greeting that startled me. He rode away barely missing a stride while I mumbled a response in return. With a smile, he busted into an Irish melody and whistled away oblivious to the cold weather.

Many things came to my mind as I continued my walk and top on the list was the whistling stranger.  His high spirits did not match his appearance. He looked very unkempt with very shaggy beards and somewhat dirty clothings. It wasn't a work-dirty look, more like a lack-dirty-look. There was nothing about him to even suggest "secret millionaire", I would have known(I have an inbuilt raider for these

He was singing this very catchy lively song but his circumstances was contrary. It didn't matter that the weather was cold and nippy, my new friend chose happy over dreary. He could have chosen to be morose despairing on whatever was wrong with his life but instead he chose to enjoy the day and spread his joy by shouting a warm greeting to a strange woman battling to shed her belly fat. 
This strange encounter reminds me of what scripture says about happiness. It is devoid of the circumstances around us whether good or bad but founded on the truth of God's Word "Whoever trusts in the lord, happy is he"Proverbs 16:20.
If happiness was determined by circumstances and stuffs, what poor fellows we are indeed. For such people life will be frustrating because circumstances change. "weeping may last for a night but joy comes with the morning" psalm 30:5. Basing your joy on transient situations is an unstable way to live. So instead of wallowing on what you have or don't have, the storms that are raging in your life, the situations you may not be able to handle at the moment, chose Happy.
I finished my walk with a new bounce to my feet grateful to be alive belly fat or not. Instead of complaining I am spurred to LIVE HAPPY.

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