Tuesday, 9 December 2014

The funniest story ever told.

Have you heard of the laughter club? believe it or not, it does exist. It's a place where  groups of people gather to laugh for no obvious reason. To the viewing public it seems crazy but there is a purpose to their "madness".
 Laughter is liberating, exhilarating, contagious and absolutely free. Its is food for the soul bringing life to both the body and spirit. My people say "laughter is the best medicine"  Laughter engages the body, mind and spirit. You cant be laughing and be still like a statue there is always an element of body and facial movement. To laugh you must also make meaning of what is being said or at least find humour in the  the expressive gestures of the speaker or situation.
Nigerian Comedian Akpororo.
 Laughter is an expression of joy, fulfilment, delight, favour or simple fun. Sometimes you don't need a reason to laugh but you laugh anyway. P.S make that a private affair before the people around think you've lost it and bundle you to the nearest Mental home!
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The best type of laughter is spontaneous and unbridled spurring a reaction in others hopefully not fear but curiosity and then like fire catches on.
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Have you observed that people notice when someone bursts into laughter? This is because laughter is captivating and enhances beauty.
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 Nigeria has a very rich crop of comedians. The mere sight of some of them can make even the grumpiest person burst into unbridled laughter. Its no wonder the comic industry is a very viable and booming industry not only in Nigeria but all over the world .  The industry is a giving industry; no amount of money can equate the pleasure or release that laughter gives. That's why people flock to these shows that promise  rib cracking laughter to those seeking release from stress or a place to simply laugh without holding back.
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Some of the funny stories shared range from the downright outlandish to the most bizarre while some laugh just by seeing the comedian's appearance, gestures or know his pedigree.
 However the funniest story ever told was not at a comedy show. Rather it surrounded the birth of Isaac-a child born to very old parents. The bible records in Genesis 18 that Abraham and Sarah were already very old, and Sarah was way past child bearing age.. In fact there was no longer "juice in the factory" or any reason to visit the "factory sef". When Sarah was told she'd have a baby in her old age, she laughed. But who wouldn't? Her womb was dead and dead means dead no matter how you want to translate or be less blunt!. It was an idea she could not afford to allow settle in her heart. It was unbelievable! IMPOSSIBLE! Her condition defied any existing medical condition. But only God has power over death. I'm sure when she became pregnant and she told her friends, they laughed at her. "Poor Sarah", they'd say behind her back. "she's gone nuts with longing for a child". Eventually, their laugh of derision changed to unbelief then pure joy.  Now instead of laughing at her, they were laughing with her. Every time people heard Sarah's story they laughed and praised the name of the Lord.
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God is the true source of laughter. "He gives drink from the rivers of delight". Psalm 36:8. The broken, lame, hopeless, sick, all gather to drink from Him.The bible is filled with testimonies of God's humour at play. When a situation seems dire and without hope, God suddenly shows up and there erupts an unbridled burst of laughter transforming lives wherever the sound is heard.
Comic shows make people for as long as the program last and its back to reality. So why not find lasting source in Christ and His word? The haze of alcohol will fade, friends will go but the word of God stays with you for life!
Today's funniest story ever told is your making it against all odds. Despite the divorce, debts, medical diagnosis, rejections, and disappointments yet you are still standing; my dear you are a miracle.
Now turn that frown right side up, your situation is simply a set up so that  "everyone who hears your testimony will laugh with you.". THAT'S THE SPIRIT.

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