Thursday, 18 December 2014

Take the lid off

Running around doing my daily chores was harder then usual, no thanks to my figure- enhancing Whoever invented body shapers should be commended then arrested! These constrictors are the real definition of "suffering and smiling". The longer I wore it, the more difficult smiling becomes and its hello cranky!

 At the end of the day, taking the form fitting outfit off is the best feeling ever. Its an indescribable feeling of freedom. A release from constraints and pressure. Just like boiling water with the lid on- imagine the release when the water reaches boiling temperature and the lead is removed. Steam is released and pressure reduced. In my girdle I was a walking bag of pressure albeit a pretty one.
Without even wearing girdles, a lot of people are living  constrained lives.These constraints could be external or internal  They are afraid to truly live because of  fear, lack, rejections, low self esteem and failure. . Any situation or position that prevents you from realising your potentials is a constraint and limitation. Negative feelings also serve to constrain and limit an individual from achieving or attaining his or her full potentials. When a person is constrained, it leads to a toxic build of pressure that  causes frustration, dissatisfaction, strife even depression.. A constrained person is an unfulfilled person. They might talk and look the part but inside is a different kettle of fish.

God created every man for a purpose and His ultimate desire is that we find that purpose and fulfil it. It is important that you fulfil purpose as reaching your potentials has a moribund effect. You are fulfilled and this in turn impacts your immediate area of influence.

Taking the lid off is to be all God wants you to be- unashamed, unlimited, unrestrained and fruitful. IT IS TO BECOME.....! There is no cap to what you can become. God is limitless and because you are created in His image, you have limitless potentials. Every potential has an immense capacity to add value to others.

A donkey is a natural beast of burden. Its inherent ability is to carry cargo. However in Matthew 21, we find a donkey who was nowhere near what it was created for. Instead of helping ease burdens it was tied up until Jesus stepped in. It had the potential to carry a full grown man but its owners had tied him up. The ropes limited his movement as it could only move as far as the length of the cords would allow.But when the ropes were removed, it moved beyond its immediate domain. People began to notice the donkey.  The story of an ordinary donkey became a crucial part of Jesus' grand entry into Jerusalem. Every time the story is told, the donkey is mentioned. Because it carried Jesus, it walked on a path that only kings tread..People put their clothes on the ground for it to walk on. There was ease of traffic because an ordinary donkey carried the king. Dear friend, when you give your dream to Jesus, men will rise to your aid.( During the first edition of the Laugh out Loud event, people were just giving and giving so much that I told some people not to bother. However the holy Spirit told me not to deter people from their blessings and the flow continued.) You have to be willing to be used and transformed. Every dream comes raw and needs refining. When the disciples took the ropes off the donkey, they dressed it up to fit the master's good purposes. "and they brought the ass and colt and put on them their clothes and they set him thereon" (Matthew 21:7
CENTRAL TRUTH:  Your God given vision has the capacity to do more than you can imagine. Don't let fear, circumstances including people tie you down. If you don't know what to do invite Jesus into your vision and ask for the help of the holy spirit to execute it.


  • Up-skill  yourself in the desired field
  • Read books that will build your knowledge base.
  • Find a mentor
  • change your mindset from "I can't" to "I can"
  • Leave any toxic environment that does not enhance you.
  • Don't be afraid to start small
  • seek Godly counsel
  • Start, Start , Start.

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