Tuesday, 16 December 2014

You are very special.

Editor's note:Every once in a while we come across people who touch our lives in special ways. Not because of who they are but for the simple and kind things they do. Having a child with special needs is challenging so when one meets a person who identifies with your challenges, it brings joy to your heart. I met one of such people at a church I visited some weeks back. He'd noticed my son was not talking and without asking too many questions, he slipped a note into my hands and whispered a short prayer before making his way to the elevators. I didn't immediately open the note but waited till I got home. The note was a well typed letter that my new friend always carried with him in the event that he'll meet someone in need of heaven's breath. That Sunday, Josh and I were the lucky recipients of this amazing love letter and I'm sharing it with you. Dear friend, no matter how many times life knocks you down, never forget YOU ARE SPECIAL.  You are God's own special design, heaven's love child and don't you forget it.

 In all the world there is nobody like you. Since the beginning of time there has never been another person like you. Nobody has your smile, your eyes, your hands, your hair. Nobody owns your handwriting, your voice. Nobody has your taste for food or music or dance or art. Nobody in the universe sees things as you do. In all time, there has never been anyone who laughs in exactly your way, and what makes you laugh or cry or think may have a totally different response in another-So-YOU'RE SPECIAL.
You are different from any other person who has ever lived in history of the universe. You are the one in the whole creation who has who has your particular set of abilities. There is always someone who is better at one thing or another. Every person is your superior in at least one way but nobody in the universe can reach the quality of the combination of your talents or feelings. Like a roomful of musical instruments some might excel in one way or another but nobody can match the symphonic sound when they are all played together. YOUR SYMPHONY.
Through all eternity no one will ever talk, walk, think or do exactly like you. YOU'RE SPECIAL. You are rare, an all in all rarity that has enormous value and because of your great value the need for you to imitate anyone else is absolutely wrong. You are special and its no accident that you are.
Please realise that God made you for a special purpose. He has a job for you that nobody else can do as well as you can. Out of the billions of applicants  only one is qualified. Only one has the unique and right combination of what it takes and that is you. YOU ARE SPECIAL.

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