Sunday, 14 December 2014

Don't Miss Your Moment

Did you attend church service today? Hope you did and I believe you were blessed. Church was amazing for me. Wow! The way God chooses to use the choir never ceases to amaze me. I have told you about my choir. Its a small motley crew of less than ten people with little or no training in music but with a heart that pants after God. My humble self at the helm of affairs is the absolute joke of the century but I've learnt God uses the most unlikely people to perform His acts. Seriously I still don't get my role in this humour thing but I'm loving it. 

After such an experience the only thing left to do is rest and bask in the glow of God's love with a pillow and a bowl of hot pepper-soup.
LIFE IS INDEED GOOD!! In the midst of my musing, my attention was caught by a conversation in the movie "Night at the Museum 2.  If you've been following the franchise you'll easily identify the scene I'm analysing. The museum was facing a major upheaval and Ben Stiller's character "Larry" was having a deep conversation with Teddy Roosevelt when something happened. Teddy was giving one of his inspirational advice when Larry’s phone rang and interrupted the flow. One would think Larry who knew the dynamics of the museum would finish the conversation and attend to his call later but he didn't. By the time he was ready to hear the advice being proffered, Teddy had turned into a statue and he missed the moment. Larry thought he had all the time in the world but the distraction of a simple phone call cost him a valuable advice-and the call was not even important.

Sound familiar?  How many great opportunities have been missed simply because we assume there is still time. You blink and the moment is gone in a flash and you begin to wonder!.  
An indisputable truth is that you might not be able to control time but you can manage the hours you have. Its about understanding the time and setting priorities. Remember the poem 
"tick says the clock,
tick, tick
what you have to do 
do quick

Everyday life comes with packages and opportunities. Successful people recognise these opportunities and make the best of them. "I have seen something else under the sun:The race is not to the swift or the battle to to the strong, nor does food come to to the wise or wealth to the brilliant or favour to the brilliant or favour to the learned but time and chance happen to them all" Eccl 9:11.
Too many people waste time on trivias', questioning what is not, reliving what is past and worrying over what might not be instead of dealing with the now. STAY IN THE ZONE. Many times it comes down to the choices we make.. You either make a choice to improve your skills by reading or wasting time by chatting away the hours on mindless issues. You have a choice to be miserable or happy, its up to you. Just remember that while you are busy being miserable, precious moments that can never be regained are being wasted. LIFE WAITS FOR NO ONE. Make life changing decisions today.
Photo Credit;Jessica Phillips on Pinterest
Finally, the bible talks about a time when God will not be found Proverbs 1:28. How scary is that? It is scary but true. The greatest moment you have is now not tomorrow...DON'T MISS IT.  Don't postpone till later what you can do now. CHOOSE GOD TODAY.

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