Thursday, 1 September 2016

Small Matters Too

I wish I had something flowery or even grandiose to write after my long hiatus but I dont. But I do have this to say "Happy New Month".
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Its not much but its something thoughtful, heartfelt and absolutely sincere
I was almost tempted not to post anything at all until I remembered a saying by the great people of Nigeria "at all, at all na im bad pass" which simply translates to "its better to do or give a little than none at all" and I totally agree.
Every little efforts adds up and tiny rain drops have the potential to become a torrential downpour.
You see that small idea that seems stupid, don't discredit its potential. Test the waters with a tiny dip of your feet and before you know it you will be walking on water.
Remember even the greatest idea started from the bottoms up. All it takes is commitment, resilience, a tad of bravery and you will see the potential you envisaged and amazed at the results. Ignore the negative voices and amplify the positives.
As you embrace this new month, embrace every challenge it throws at you. Never disdain the little, it might not mean much to you initially but it could mean the world to someone.
I hope this means something to you as it matters to me.

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