Thursday, 28 January 2016

Girl, Interrupted.

The DJ was playing a perfectly good song when the MC came on stage to make an announcement. The uproar that rended the air at her interruption, coupled with some cringe worthy expletives was enough to cause any other person to quake but not this lady. She simply apologised, did her job and left the stage without breaking a sweat and the party continued.
MC Shakara
Nobody loves to be interrupted especially when there is a seemless flow in action or conversation. Even the the best of us get cranky when our well laid out plan don't go as planned. Any interruption for whatever reason is most times perceived as a disruptive activity and not very much appreciated. But not so in every situation. For some it's an opportunity to catch a much needed break, get a breather, reappraise or realign a chain of thought or action. As a  journalist, I was trained to anticipate interruptions during a news broadcast either to break a lead story or interview an unexpected guest on live TV.  It was all part of the job.

 The journalist''s unwritten motto just like the boys scout  is "be prepared".
However despite a person's better judgement some interruptions toss us off our guards because of lack or inadequate prepations leaving one perplexed without a perfect rejoinder or follow up action.(ever seen that happen on live TV? ..absolutely hilarious!).That's like a surgeon losing his cool in an operating theatre.. .not cool mehn! A good response to any interruption boils down to anticipation and preparation.
Picture by Linda Auderer on Pinterest
Matthew 9 recounts a series of interconnected events and interjections and how Jesus responded.  Jesus was having a perfectly good dinner while fielding of questions,  teaching and evangelising  at the same time(talk of multi tasking) when a man came whose daughter had just died came in asking for help. With out much ado, He got up and went with the stricken father. Jesus was doing something important but was interrupted to do another. While on the way, he was interrupted by a woman with an issue of blood whom he also attended to before he continued on his way to the little girl that had died. Jesus did not lament these interruptions but took them in his stride because he had aticipated and prepared for them. In fact it was the reason why he came. In all Jesus never complained at every interruption. He knew there was a purpose to them. Interruptions to Jesus were never a waste of  time even the somewhat trap questions that he was asked by the religious leaders were glory moments for God.

I have experienced many of life's interruptions like we all do do but was totally tossed of my guard because of inadequate preparation and my reaction were not christlike either. . Infact my response ranged from anger, depression, bitterness and out rght tantrums! Life is not smooth sailing so its foolhardy to think otherwise. Anticipating interruption does not mean having a pessimistic oulook on life but a knowing and preparation for difficult moments in life without being fazed by it. The Bible likens such a person who prepares ahead as  as wise. "Be always on the watch and pray that you may be able to all that is about to happen" Luke 21:36.
Like me, has life interrupted your carefully laid out plans through an unexpected medical report, loss, divorce, upheaval etc. Dont be discouraged! As dire as the situation might be there is a purpose to it...the bible tells me so! Next time you face an unexpected situation, smile and you shall utimately see the glory of God.
So How do you prepare for interruptions?
  • Pray without season
  • Study and meditate on the word
  • Be alert 
  • Foolproof your day by seeking the guidance of the holy spirit
  • Confess the word.
  • Know your purpose and calling.
  • Remember your are on call 24/7
  • Never forget that is a purpose to every interruption 
  • Your response matters
  • Have a great attitude.
  • Count it all joy.
  • Think of the bigger picture.

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