Wednesday, 11 November 2015

What Mary did

When Mary broke her alabaster box full of expensive oil on Jesus, her intentions were misconstrued. She was condemned by many even Jesus' disciples for wasting such precious and very costly oil. In their beration of her "unacceptable" action, her character was also brought into question in Luke 7:37 "a woman in that town who lived a sinful life".
Despite the negativity around her and her somewhat warped reputation, there was something beautiful about what Mary did.
Mary saw an opportunity: it was six days before the passover, when Jesus would be crucified. She knew her lord would be taken from her soon so instead of reveling like others were, she chose to do something eternity would appreciate. What better time than that moment to bless her master as she knew he would not be coming that way again. SHE SEIZED THE MOMENT. She saw an opportunity and took it.

She gave: Jesus was always the one giving so she decided to turn the tables around this time. Mary recalled that Jesus brought her brother back after he had died and was buried three days. Death to man is the final fontire but Jesus crossed that frontier and brought back life. I'm sure never in Mary's wildest imagination had she thought that those grave clothes that held her brother Lazarus bound will ever be loosened nor the tomb that sealed and separated the living from the dead would ever be opened except at resurrection but at His Word "Lazarus came forth"; his grave clothes unbound and tomb stone rolled away. What an  amazing love. How can one repay such feat? That moment in Bethany was her opportunity to say "thank you". The hand that gave was small but the heart that received was large.
She Appreciated: you can rarely separate appreciation and giving. Mary had witnessed the many miracles that Jesus had performed and she'd also had the opportunity to learn at the Master's feet first hand and in close proximity. Her giving was a show of her appreciation.
She gave something of worth: the bible describes her gift as costly Infact one of the disciples put a price tag to it " why was this fragrant oil not sold for three hundred denarius and givenlisted to the poor" John 12:5. My dear, for all Jesus had she couldn't just give anything, she gave something of worth and heaven noticed.
She was generous: Mary was not miserly with her offering, the bible says "she poured a flask of costly oil on Jesus", in other words she soaked Jesus with her offering. She drenched his clothes in expensive oil!
Her giving caused a furore : Mary did not only grab heaven's attention, her giving also caused a furore in that small room. People will sometimes misconstrue your intention and even label you negatively. The disciples labeled her giving "a waste". Her giving was so much that it irked the people in that room.
It is the Jesus opinion that matters: People will always have an opinion about what you do or what you are but it is the opinion of Jesus that matters. The disciples called her generous offering a waste but Jesus called it "a beautiful thing" Matthew 26:10. I will Take Jesus opinion anytime.
Lessons from Mary

  • Opportunities abound around us
  • Seize the moment.
  • Appreciate 
  • Give.
  • Let your giving be generous
  • Let your motives be selfless and genuine.
  • Give your best-don't pinch corners
  • People will always talk but it heaven's opinion that matters
  • Never mind the crowd follow your heart.
Wow! What amazing lessons from a simple gesture from a pure heart. My heart beats for this woman's misunderstood offering. I know what it means to be so blessed and you wonder how to say thank you, bacause this has been a long post I'll what I mean in my next post.  

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