Thursday, 5 November 2015

Speak the word

My son Joshua  just started to speak at the age of 9. My littleman was diagnosed with autism at age two plus with added complication of no speech! His delayed speech was a source of constant pain to me and frustration for him. As he grew older; he couldn't express his needs and I had to constantly guess what he wanted or what was wrong all the time. This took a toll on both of us, so you can imagine the constant conflicts and tantrums in my house.  Mind you, I throw a mean tantrum and this I did constantly. .lol.

Fast foward to this day, Words cannot adequately describe my joy the day he uttered his first word! Dear friends, the Israelites were absolutely spot on when they exclaimed with joy in Psalm 126:1 "when the lord restored the fortunes of Zion, we were like them who dream". Seriously, this is a dream I don't want to wake up from, not even the devil can pinch me out of this....E FITTING'NT.
The miracle of Joshua has become a source of encouragement to many families that are experiencing similar challenges. I give glory to God that there is indeed a purpose to my pain. (we will talk more on that tomorrow).

I have learnt several lessons watching joshua's speech unfold daily.

  1. Some of the words have been innate in him though dormant as he did not know how to frame them or give expression to the words.
  2. As a parent, I had to teach him more words by pointing out objects and calling them by name.
  3. Used the strategy of repetition to enable the word stick., 
Like any SANE mother would (emphasis on sane), in excitement I will point  at anything and everything in sight wanting my son to say them loud and clear to the glory of God and the shame of the devil. However to my dismay, my son got tired of using his words he'd rather pull me or point to the desired object but my humble self was having non of that. You see not using his voice and words would lead to the loss of his acquired skills. WHAT YOU DON'T USE, YOU LOSE! PRACTICE ALSO MAKES PERFECT..KAPISH?

God wants His children to speak the word always.The word of God to a believer is an affirmation of the righteousness and glory of God. It is a declaration of an unshakeable  faith in an awesome God. The believer believes in the heart (innate)and confesses(expresses) with the lips.  In Ezekiel 3, after the prophet had eaten the scroll  which represensented the word of God, he was told " son of man go now and SPEAK MY WORDS TO THEM" As sweet as the word was because it was likened to honey in verse 3, the prophet was not meant to merely savour the taste and lick his lips but to GO AND SPEAK HIS WORD. Ezekiel was commanded to speak the word he'd consumed to a hardened and obstinate people.
Dear friend, what is stopping you from declaring the word in your life? Don't just keep it bottled inside, SPEAK THE WORD and watch amazing things start to happen. What that mountain needs is just the word " Trully I tell you that if anyone says to this mountain 'be lifted up and thrown and thrown into the sea' and has no doubt in his will be done for them" Mark 11:23

  • it builds your faith
  • It is an exercise of faith
  • It builds confidence in you and God.
  • It brings God's purpose to bear in our lives.
  • It enhances spiritual growth.
  • Develops the inner man and transforms us outwardly.
  • It gives victory over sin
  • It gives life
Back to Joshua, you are not shutting off the words, NOT ON MY WATCH.

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