Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Happy Marriage Anniversary IRON LADY

Love is beautiful isn't? It's not an inanimate feeling but an action that is visible and real to its recipients- you KNOW IT, you can FEEL IT and you can PRACTICALLY TOUCH IT. It is such a joy to love and be loved in return, that is why the world is constantly seeking love. Unfortunately many are looking in the wrong places. In the words of the Late Pastor Bimbo Odukoya of Fountain of Life church,Lagos Nigeria LOVE IS WORK and I dare to add "commitment to work". These days, most people want the trappings of love but are not ready to put in the work that makes love worth all the work. A lot of couples exert energy and huge finances on their weddings but bolt at the first sign of trouble in paradise-HOW SAD. Its no wonder the world is riddled with divorces and single parenting is an accepted life style statement(I don't mean for those who are accidental single mums and dads). The other day, I even came across a website that offers DIY divorce services...wetin man eye no dey see for this world. marriage vows now has an escape clause "for better for stay, for worse for go" (pls ignore my grammar that's how I heard the vows in a movie). So given the warped attitude towards the marriage covenant, I am always excited to see couples who stay married and IN LOVE. Its my darling friend Uwa's marriage anniversary today and I'm so excited. I've wanted to do a post on Uwa for a long time but never got round to it so this epoch celebration is a welcomed opportunity to do just that. The first day she walked into the newsroom at my former work place, I knew there was something different about her. She had on a bright red lipstick- her signature lip colour-and exuded confidence. Her red lipstick said a lot about her- strong,sexy, fearless, bold, shrewd and very smart. I privately call her IRON LADY because she's never afraid to voice her opinions or bare her claws if the situation warrants it. Yes! the iron lady could fight dirty if pushed to it..so BEWARE!! However beneath the armour lies a very soft and loving heart. I caught a glimpse of this hidden part the day I found out she was married and that was the beginning of a never ending flow of "sweetness" lol. She unashamedly calls her husband SWEETNESS everywhere and at any given chance in fact I don't even know his name or even thinks he has a name anymore..lol. It takes a woman that is confidently in love to boldly declare that love both in private and in public...I GO LOVE OH. It also takes a strong woman to nurture love without giving up. YOU MY FRIEND ARE VERY STRONG. That sweetness that started eight years ago is still exuding goodness today and will forever. Happy anniversary IRON LADY.

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