Wednesday, 19 February 2014


I don't know much about "love love" but I've come to understand the LOVE OF GOD. In all, I've discovered that the God kind of love is POSSIBLE and it translates to "real love" in every area starting from yourself and streaming to the people around you. In my quest to understand more about this LOVE, I came across an article that challenged and broke some stubborn stray thoughts in my head. It's written by life Coach Kelechi Anyalachi. Kelechi's coaching strategies is underpinned by biblical principles and scriptures which makes it all the more distinct and trust worthy....even his courtship and marriage to the lovely Uloma is an Inspiration. This article so blessed and inspired me its going to be my marriage template(trust you are reading this Mr future husband..SERIOUS!) Read and be blessed. Over the past four days, there is a song that has been playing in my heart. Here it is: ‘…The Steadfast Love of The Lord never ceaseth, His Mercies never come to an end, They are new every morning, always new every morning, Great is thy faithfulness, O Lord (2ce)…’ These are my thoughts on the meaning of this song! The STEADFAST Love of The Lord – His love is deeply rooted, firm and unwavering. The Steadfast Love of The Lord NEVER CEASETH – No expiry date. His MERCIES never come to end – When we err, He forgives. Though, He has the power to punish us. His Mercies NEVER COME TO AN END - No matter how many times we err and despite the gravity of the wrong done, He always forgives. They are NEW every morning - His Love is FRESH everyday. Just like the past never existed. New EVERY MORNING – The hurt of the previous day dissolves and doesn’t see the light of a new day. Great is Thy FAITHFULNESS – He keeps to his word on loving us All over the world, we are all in a major quest: ‘to GIVE and RECEIVE Love’. From time to time, we either receive complains of not being loving enough or we complain of not being loved enough! Everyday, we read or hear stories of broken relationships, broken marriages et al… The reasons emanate from: ‘no more love again’, ‘incompatibility’, ‘infidelity’, ‘irreconcilable differences’… I have been asking myself – what if God’s Love for us was this way! Would we even be alive by now? We were made in God’s image and after his likeness. We should exhibit His kind of love towards our friends, family and spouses. The secret to this is: ‘THE MORE OF GOD IN YOU, THE MORE HIS LOVE WILL BE REVEALED IN AND THROUGH YOU! How can you have ‘more’ of God? It is through His Word. Study God’s Word more often! Soak yourself in it! As you do this, your life will become a replica of His Word (2 Corinthians 3:18). This may not be immediate, but this must be your goal! GROW YOUR ‘LOVEOMETER’ Be as loving as you can till your spouse can testify about you. As I write this, I am also talking to myself. It is my desire that one day, my wife will sing or recite the song above or something similar to that about me. Let her describe my love for her to be STEADFAST, UNENDING, NEW AND FAITHFUL. God has set a TEMPLATE for us. All we need to ‘copy and paste’. Our Love Lives will be the better for it! MEDITATE on this deeply. May God guide you and help you increase His Kind of Love in You!

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