Monday, 3 February 2014


My darling sister,aunty and friend recently lost her mother-in-law and shared this touching tribute on her facebook page. When a loved one passes on nothing can absolutely fill the void left behind except God. He knows what it means to lose a beloved one and so shares our grief. I lost my mum over thirteen years ago and IT STILL HURTS. My heart goes out to the Adenuga's. My head has been all over the place since Saturday 25th Jan. when we received the news of my mother-in-law's passing. My mind keeps flashing to the same Scenario in August 2013 at the wake-keeping of my beloved father-in-law: There you were mama, standing beside your husband's coffin with a blank look on your face. You stared at him laying there motionless for a very long time. Then, as if to say "so this is it!" you took a deep breath, exhaled, shook your head and walked slowly away with your head bowed. In that very moment, I would have given anything to know what was going through your mind. I could have asked you, and I know you would have told me. But I thought "No! It’s personal. It’s the last moment you were sharing with your husband who had now left without you, after over 60 years of bearing his name and his children. Now he was gone. What’s left to do? You had given so much for your children. Made sacrifices, put your life, your dreams, your hopes for tomorrow on hold, just so your children could be great people in life. But for your sacrifice, I would not have one of the world’s kind-hearted men to call my own. I am indeed a blessed beneficiary of your unconditional love for your family. Your gave me my Val! My Soul-Mate. Thank you mama. In spite of so many difficult situations that shaped your life, your never gave up. You scaled through every challenge, shattering as some were, to ensure your children have the life you never had. I thank you mama for the life-lessons you have left us with. I thank you for the man you raised for me to call my own and for the hope you never gave up. You have left us an original piece of yourself in Aunty Nike, to take up the role that will forever be hard to fill. But I know that you have raised a woman of substance in her, she will never let you down. Your dear children, Tunji, Deji, Nike, Odunayo and Wale all miss you like crazy. We, your adopted children can’t stop talking about all the wonderful memories you have left us with. Your grand and great-grand children cannot believe Mama Ago is gone! O Death! Where is thy sting? Grave! where thy victory? The clod may sleep in dust beneath, the spirit will be free! In all these, we give thanks to God our father, for bringing you our way. And now, your time has come to rest. Maami Iye Shade, omo ibipe aso, ibipe o lapeja o beran je gbeju. Omo isu wa nle ko si obe, obe kan soso to wa nile orubo. Omo tayantayan meje. Sun re ooo. Rest in perfect peace Mama Ago. Till we meet to part no more. Adieu!

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