Friday, 6 September 2013

He Never Left Afterall

Not me silly.....Jesus! I've been on hiatus for the past 5 months and that my friend is a very very long story. I promise to keep you updated on the adventures I've been through, the lessons I've learnt and how grown up I've become. Truth be said, I've been a bad friend but guess what I'm back and I'm going nowhere. Unlike my now humble self, Jesus never leaves His friends no matter the situation-NO EXCUSES! He sticks closer than glue. If there is a person that sticks closer than a brother according to Proverbs 18:24 that person dear friend is Jesus. When Jesus is on your case, HE IS ON YOUR CASE! Remember my last post titled HE CAME BACK? How Thomas thought he'd missed out on one of the greatest experiences in his life? I'm sure he would have loathed the other disciples for boasting about how the master broke through their fear riddled hearts and sealed doors to show his nail pierced hands cos I'm sure I would have hated them all especially that Peter lol! Thomas must have blamed himself for breaking rank and stepping out for a breather only to miss Jesus' appearance. Sound familiar? It does to me! I've lost count of the number of times a seemingly innocent action becomes an overblown misadventure that leaves one reeling, struggling to find balance and wondering if you'll ever get another chance in life or in love. Some actions or inactions or effects of poor choices might make you wonder if you'll ever smile again, achieve desired goals again or if you'll ever find your niche again? Guess what? YES YOU CAN! The other disciples thought Thomas had missed out on that great appearance even Thomas despite his outward show of bravado thought he'd missed out but he inwardly craved His master’s re-visitation just like you and I. John 20:26 states that “A week later his disciples were in the house again, and Thomas was with them". Thomas stayed in the locked room this time hoping Jesus would visit again. Every person that at one point has been broken wants to be whole again.
My friend, Jesus never disappoints as he actually came back into that hope filled room and attended to one person's inner cry for a re- visitation. I love Jesus's conversation with Thomas "Then he said to Thomas, “Put your finger here; see my hands. Reach out your hand and put it into my side. Stop doubting and believe". Imagine the surprise on Thomas's face because Christ wasn't there when he made that statement he thought. That's the shocker dear friend; Jesus is ALWAYS WITH YOU, watching out for you even in seemingly hopeless situations. He has promised never to leave nor forsake you and HE KEEPS HIS WORDS. Although he did not come immediately and poor Thomas must have whimpered like a child but HE SHOWED up as He always does and He will for you too. JUST STAY IN THAT ROOM.

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