Tuesday, 24 June 2014

True Love

Show me someone that is struggling  with love and I’ll show you someone that does not KNOW GOD. 
 You can never know true love until you know and embrace God's love. Life will be a trudge through a dump pile until you find the God kind of love. No wonder the world is searching for love because it has been searching in the wrong places!! God is the template of love. God is love. All others are not even shadows of what real love is. Relationships suffer because the concept of love has been perverted. A lot of people struggle with giving and accepting loved based on experience instead of relying on God. The matter is further compounded with the media but the media is driven by people who are also confused about love! You see, the media tries to instil its own definition of love on susceptible audience based on sex and sexuality but all with destructive results;  if it aint God, it ain’t real!!   To enjoy love, you must know God. Love is not a baton to batter people with but an expression of God through man and God is not out to destroy you.

 Love is serious business not an idle stroll in the park. It is commitment,

hardwork and service. If you don’t mean it, don’t say it! God said what He meant and meant what he said when He told man “I LOVE YOU”. John 3:16 “For God so love the world that He Gave…” God’s profession of love was not an idle statement but a demonstration of His nature. I’d rather a man not tell me he loves than have those precious words tainted with deceit or used as meaningless jargon. IT IS A SLIGHT ON THE NATURE OF GOD when people are abused in the name of LOVE.
 Never start a “love” relationship until you know the God kind of love. It is only therein that that you can truly be the best and give the best. It will no longer be about you but the other person; love is then no longer self- centred but selfless. You cannot know the love of God via self- help books or other kind of intervention. The source of love is God and His nature is revealed in the bible with the help of the Holy Spirit. What better time than now to start relearning love? let’s give real love a go and it begins in the bible not Shakespeare!!

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