Thursday, 12 June 2014

It's in the seed

Editor's Note: Every great idea starts as a seed but with immense potentials. Ironically, a seed can be easily despised and ignored because of its size and appearance. I am sure there are many seed ideas that you have lying idle in your mind. I read this interesting post that challenged and has inspired me. it is written by Dr Temi Odejide. Read and be mindful of that seed in your hand. ‘…a mustard seed… is smaller than all the seeds on earth… it grows up and becomes greater than all...’ – Mark 4:30-32 It may start small but it will become great. The great tree does not start out as a great tree but as a tiny seed. Everything starts as a seed. Never despise a seed because you do not know what that seed will become. Don’t look down on the seed. A seed speaks of potential. Potential is not what you have already done but what you could do. But a seed is a seed someone said. No Sir, a seed is not just a seed. Locked in a seed is untold potential and infinite possibilities. God always starts with a seed. God starts small. Despise not small beginnings. ‘Though your beginning was small, yet your latter end will greatly increase.’– Job 8:7 ‘Oh, that they were wise, that they understood this, that they would consider their latter end.’– Deut. 32:29 When you plant the Chinese bamboo seed. It quickly sprouts from the ground but stays the same for four long years. Then in the fifth year it grows 3 feet per day till it reaches 90 feet tall. That is exponential growth! Sometimes your life can be like the Chinese bamboo tree but your growth is coming. So protect your seed. What is your seed? Your seed is your potential. Your seed is your product. Your seed is your jar of oil. Your seed is your gift. Your seed is your five fish and two loaves. Your seed is your competence. Your seed is your five stones and sling shot Your seed is your skill. Your seed is your staff in your hand Your seed is your talent. Your seed is your influence. But before you can unlock the potential in your seed it must go through a process. Today, re-evaluate the value of your seed. Tomorrow we’ll start discussing the process of the seed. Website: Twitter: @ptemi1 BB: 2AFD5509 FB:

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