Monday, 16 June 2014

Laugh Out Loud

EDITOR'S NOTE:Just like a lot of you, I have been battered, bruised yet not broken. I have suffered rejection and emotional abuse yet I still find reasons to laugh. I have a physical disability but never allowed it to erode my confidence or affect my self esteem. Having a child with "Autism" has taught me how to give unconditional love. You see, there are daily challenges this side of heaven but you have a choice; be defeated or run your opponents outta town-I CHOOSE THE LATTER. My attitude has got nothing to do with my abilities or lack thereof but its about THE GOD IN ME. I appreciate life because I have experienced the darkness of depression. I appreciate having more than enough because I've experienced lack. How can you appreciate laughter, if you've never been sad? I know sadness that is why I appreciate God, the giver of Joy. My little sister Vickie mamalet(don't know how or where she got mamalet from) wrote this tribute about moi. Please enjoy, no room for bad "The resilent are people who do not allow a problem limit their dreams or stop them from achieving. A lot of people allow a little dislocation rewrite their destiny for them, i have seen some people varnish in their regrets and die Un accomplished. Frustration sets in when the door of hope is shut down. Hmm when your right hand is broken, use the left and give the broken one reasons to come alive. I have seen a lot of broken pieces but this particular one did not stay broken" Yeah, that's me on the spin machine-i'm an insurance risk if I must say so myself..who cares? life is for living. Enjoy this comedy skit i put together for your plesure. Remember, LIVE LIFE, LOVE LIFE AND LAUGH DAILY.

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