Monday, 30 June 2014


"Asiri tu" in Yoruba, a language spoken in the Western part of Nigeria  means "the secret has been exposed! (I really should start charging for these free language lessons). Whose secret has been exposed? Well, its scorching hot outside and most men are shirtless and the ladies are attired in cut-off shirts and shorts- any light clothings to make the heat bearable! For the less brave like me, its a breezy dress;anything to allow for comfort in this weather. However, that's not the only reason I am wearing a dress. I have been on a weight loss journey since forever and the folds are barely shifting. I have lost some weight but not as much as I planned or desired at the beginning of the year. Its almost second half of the year and I'm far from my target weight. Aside from the medical reasons, I've not been consistent with my exercises and less rigid with my diet. Kindly blame my erratic diet on my love for Pounded yam and egusi!!! "Chineke God of Israel deliver your daughter from this unlawful captivity and bondage to food especially pounded yam and Yinka's delicious efo-riro (vegetable soup), Amen and Amen".

In winter, I could conceal my "indiscipline" beneath black jackets and all other bulky jumpers worn for warmth and nobody would suspect but its summer now and there is no hiding place for the gold fish a.k.a ME!!. Due to the heat, there is no need for the woollen jackets, no room to hide. ASIRI TU! My people say  "when breeze blow, fowl yansh go open". Indeed the breeze has blown and i've been exposed! ASIRI TU.
In life, you can hide a bad attitude only for a while before one's true nature will be exposed . No matter how well a person can pretend very soon a crack would show and the real personalty revealed. Another local proverb says "one day is for the thief and another for the owner"
.  In 2003, I was involved in an accident in which over sixty people died including my camera man but I survived and had 3 finger on my right hand amputated. It was a very traumatic experience but I was lucky. I had to come to terms with being disabled and disfigured. I feared albeit briefly for my career being a television presenter and News reporter. I quickly overcame that negative mindset because my strength was drawn not from my physical appearance but a more lasting source- Jesus and I had a jolly nature to go with. Instead of being morose on my bed, I would go to other patients in the ward and encouraged them in Christ and with jokes. A lot of people would marvel at my positive attitude in the wake of the sudden  disaster that had changed my life. But I learnt in the midst of it all that "if you are weak in crisis then you are weak indeed" proverbs 24:10.  
A lot of people are card carrying Christians who profess Jesus but soon enough everyone's true nature will be unveiled  in reaction to unpalatable situations or challenges. Even the best actor has to take off the acting costume and resume normalcy after curtain call.  A person's level of preparedness for life is revealed in the midst of problem. You either stand or fall when life hits! Job is an example. He lost everything yet remained unfazed. His love for God was not a charade. Scriptures  aptly describes the character of men in the last days "unholy, boastful, deceitful, lovers of money,without love etc 2 Timothy 3:5 . Does these traits describe you?
As we are entering the second half of the year,I have decided to give my weight loss another go. I have set a six months drop 3 dress sizes goal for myself. I'm tired of hiding behind winter jackets and jumpers. Come next summer, I want to be healthier and beach ready!!! I'm bringing sexy back.

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